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CarlyLanky140 - 11 stone 1lb to lose (2 stone 0lb down, 9 stone 1lb to go)

Honestly I dont kno what to do! I'm sat here crying! I was doing SW but not properly as I don't eat fruit and veg! I desperately want to but it's hard to overcome! I can eat smoothies and puree'd soup... I figured smoothies would be better than nothing for starting off while I try to introduce other stuff but other people said it's really bad... Feeling really negative!

It's the embarrassment and the mocking that sucks :( sorry for the rant! I want to do SW but for now I guess I need to just try to be healthier than I was :) x
Awww dont be so silly,

Listen it sounds to me like u are already doing really well and making a big effort so well done you!

I would highly recommend ww because you can eat what u want but you just have a points allowance!

How u feeling? U should be feeling fantastic knowing that every day you are being more active and healthy is a day that you are not adding to your weight you are taking away from it. How great is that!

I find it helps if you work your weight out in lbs rather than stones, for me stones just seemed alot!ive 55 lbs to go soinds better than 4 stone to me

Also, they say every 10lbs is a dress size, that could be your first goal ... You could achieve that in 4 weeks! Imagine how great u will feel!

Water is key ...

Your goong to do this and be fantastic! Its just a question of which weight loss plan suits u best thats all... No biggy


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Ps if someone is mocking you need to remember you WILL loose your weight that is a fact! But they will always be ugly on the inside .. That they cannot change

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Thanks very much for the support! I might look into WW! I kno that SW is the healthy way for life but feel like a failure at mo coz technically I never stick to it! Maybe I will go to a meeting a get books and have a look!

At least SW plan/ recipes stay same! I'm guessing my old ww recipe books will be out of date now there is pro points?!

Are u doing WW? How long have u be doing it? Do u go to meetings? X
Yeah, im doing it since jan... I never miss my meeting thats were i get all my motivation..

Why dont u try pick up the latest ww magazine or check out the website?

The books will be outa date coz the new plan is alot better,

Hope u feel a bit better


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So what is the basics for the new plan? I will pick up the mag tomorrow! Thanks xx
Everyone has a pro points allowance for their weight , age and height mine is 35 ... Im 14.13, 5ft5 and 23.
All members get an additional 49 pro points per week to do what u want with (go for drinks, dinner at the weekend or even just an extra 7 per day)

You can eat anything you want , nothing is prohibited. Everything haa a pro poonys value and all fruit and veg is 0!

For example my day yesterday:
breaky- 2 x rashers , 1 wm toast, 4 mushrooms, 2 tbsp beans, 1 poached egg , cup of tea with 1 sugar and l/f milk (9 pro points)

Lunch- 1 slice toast with 2 slice wafo thin ham, 1 slice lf cheese, 1 jafa cake (5 pro points)

Dinner - fillet steak, pepper sauce, 150g l/f oven chips, lots of veg (11 pro points)

Desert - 2 delicious ww eclairs (4 pro points)


1 pkt skips (3pro points)
1 skinny layte from starbucks

Drank 3 pints water and 1 orange and 1 kiwi


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Thanks thats really helpful! Sounds like it's changed for the better!! I will get a mag and join a group today :) xx

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Today has been crazy busy but bought mag and got voucher from the sun for free reg and free first meeting and starting tomorrow! Will read books on the evening and gonna use the long weekend to really get into it! Thanks for ur help! Maybe we could help each other along xx

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We definately should, i have so many great recepies so when u get started ill send them on... Have
My wi in 50 mins wish me luck!!

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Thanks hun! Good luck! Let me kno how u do xx

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That's fabulous! U star xx

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Sorry to interrupt your convo, just thought id stick my head in & say hi as im in a similar boat to you 'Lanky140', i need to lose 11 stone too!!
I am doing Rosemary Conley Diet & using Xenical tablets too. I am joining a gym soon too. We can do it!!! xxxx
We will do it :) how is rosemary connely treating u? X

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Yeah it good thank you hun, i did it before a few years back and lost 5 st, i have now piled it all back on plus loads more. :-( so thought now im in the right mind set ill do it again. I tried ww & put on weight lol, sw i just didnt get and rc is the only one i truely understand and get results from.
Do you have any goals to achieve weight loss wise. i.e. dress size,how long etc? xx
That's fab!! We all just need to find our fit! Got to admit the WW meeting wasn't as welcoming as hoped but there is time :)

I weighed in for first time just now (highest EVER!) at 20 stone 5!

I am hoping for a stone in 3 weeks but not sure how quick WW is?! But ultimate aim is size 10 and 9 stone 5 by august next yr for my friend's wedding (i'm bridesmaid with a size 8 lass :s) what about u hun? Xx

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