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Carlys diary/blog

Ive decided to start a fresh feed cos i havent posted in my diary for ages!!
This wil b kind of food diary and thoughts, weight losses (or gains!!)noo!!! An general chitchat. Feel free to join if u wanna give me advice, point out my errors and make me smile :) :) or just be nosey!! Ha

Tea tonight is ww bbq pizza with lots of salad 11pp im havin a girly night in and some r having nandos takeaway an kebabs! How good am i! :)

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Nope!!! Diet coke! And strawberrys for snacks!! I had a big pig out at chiquitos last night tho an used all my weeklies :( thats y i have to b good tonight! X

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Oh noooooo! I'm saving my weeklies for tomorrow... That's my night in with the girls!!

My food diary is under the diary category if you wanna have a mosey... Xx
Hello lovely :) xx
Starting the day well iv had a banana and a tub of cherrys and 2xpieces of ww brown bread toasted with phili x light.

About to go gym now then im going to have feta and potato salad for lunch! Its yummy and only 4pp!!
Harvester for tea tonight and i really do not want to go over so can anyone suggest any low pointed tasty meals?? My down fall is the salad bar i love thr potato salad and pasta and thousand island sauce!!
Hope everyones having a nice day! X

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Well done! Enjoy lunch! How many pps have u got for tea!! I hear simply chicken is good for 15pp xx
I have about 18left for tea not inc exercise points. I think im gonna have a jacket potato and just salad bar. The salad bar pp on website is 9pp but i dont see how that can be worked out because someone could fill ther bowl with coleslaw potato salad bacon bits...etc and someone could just have lettuce and cucumber. I will have a little bit of thousand island but i wont be drinking so that will save me some pp! I'l just stick to water or diet coke :)

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Enjoy :) xxx
Off out now for my harvester! I may b really naughty an have a pudding! I did sweat loads in gym an felt i had a really good workout!

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Just enjoy it :) xx
Enjoyed my night tonight, bf is away on lads weekend in germany so had a catch up with mother in law to be and we had tea out.
I went to simply chicken with no peas and new potatos rather than jacket potato. On the menu new potatos was 120cals an jacket pot was 240 an i only had 2new pots an left some chicken too! I had 2 salad bowls with a little thousand island sauce. But counted it all and including my pig out thursday i still have 11 weeklies left!!! No gonna use any more tho! I resisted a pudding tonight so had a boost instead when i got home and it was in the freezer was lasted ages!! defo worth 8pp!
Going to bed now up early for work! Night all xx

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well done hun! U did amazing!!! :) sounds yummy... and a boost yummmmmmmmm xxx
Done well today!
Had a cereal bar and banana for breakfast 2pp
Pitta with ham 4pp
Ww choc bar 2pp
Ww hula hoops 2pp
For lunch!

Ww chicken tikka masala 9pp
Ww naan bread 3pp
1xpopodom 4pp (didnt really eat it all)
Curly wurly 3pp
Exactly 29pp

I feel soo bloated this week im cutting the pittas out for 2days now unti wi. Im gonna have ww soup for lunch tomorrow and a chicken salad wrap for tea im planning of drinking lots of water tomorrow and hopefully only use about 24points so when tuesday evening comes i may b lucky and lose a pound!! Really hope so.
Gym tomorrow again too, i will prob do 15mins cross trainer 20bikes 10min run 10min power walk. Only about 4APS but il be too tired from work to do anymore!

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Enjoy the gym! Well done for today :) good luck for WI xx
Hey Carly ... its Carly! (so weird u don't see many of us really ;))

I have set up a new 28lb by new year challenge - 1lb a week - u in? It's in teams

I have also set up a Christmas challenge for if u want to aim higher and set a target for the next 6 months - also in teams section

Hope to see u there :) xx
Aw dont think ill b able to do that!! Im nearly at my target now im 9st 1.5 and wanna get down to 8.9, i only wanted to lose just under a stone for my brothers wedding and then maintain until my wedding in december!

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My lovely tea!!
1x chicken tikka skewer 2pp
2x hot n spicy asda chicken breasts 3pp
100g light potato salad 3pp
30g light feta cheese 1pp
1 ww cheese slice 1pp
Ww wrap 3pp
Loads of salad!

13 point dinner and it was delicious!!!! Sooo stuffed now but tbh the chicken tikka skewer wasnt that nice i wont b havin that again.

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Sounds yummy! U could join the 1lb a week until u hit goal :) xx
7point subway today for lunch
Then an apple.
Then weigh in..... 1.5 off now off out to nandos for my chicken burger 10pp and medium chips 9pp all within my dailys with 3 to spare for curly wurly later!! :)

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