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Carolanski's Fitness diary - you've inspired me!

Well- following the good lead of you guys I have decided to post my exercise diary too.

I am going to aim for 3 sessions per week. This is what I will be doing to begin with.

5 mins warm-up on treadmill - walking at 6.0kph

30 mins X-Trainer - Hill/Interval, speed 8-9kph

Weights - Leg press, lat pulldown, chest press, shoulder press, tricep pulldowns, sit ups, back raises

As I get fitter I hope to start doing some classes too. If I can pluck up the courage to do Bodypump or Bodycombat !!!!

Wish me luck!

Carol x
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is going to loose!
Great to see another exercise diary!

You are soooo close to goal also so a great motivation to keep going. Bodypump is awesome i really loved it hubby and I both used to do it.
Thanks Bren - been looking at your diary - you seem much happier at the mo and in the zone - I'm glad

Off to gym now!!! Will pick up the class timetable - and check out the classes.

Carol x
5 mins Treadmill
20 mins X-Trainer (200 cals)
All weights


Love God; Love People
Nice one Carolanski. You and Ca-ching have inspired me to start an exercise diary too!


is going to loose!
Gee.... we are totally blitzing this exercise thing. I even went today and it's my day off (from the gym).

Not sure if I should post for the week or when I do it???? What do you think?
I'm going to post every day I do something - I'm thinking of going today too - just some CV not weights - aching from yesterday and shouldn't be doing the weights every day anyway. What's happening to us?!!!!!

Check out my new ticker too - have put how many sessions I want to do in sept - 3 per week and I am going to count down on my ticker too - hopefully that would also motivate to do it (thanks to Taz for idea)
Carol x
Yey!!! I'm loving it!!!!! Well done Carolinski! :)

15 mins Treadmill - 6.5kph, 1.5 incline
20 mins X-Trainer - 214 cals

No weights - too busy, couldn't be arsed to hang about for the burly men to bugger off the weight machines. Will go tomorrow earlier.

Carol x
Hi Bren - had a hopeless week last week. Pulled a muscle in my neck - pulling a jumper over my head - how ridiculous!!!

Probably still couldv'e gone to gym and just gone on the treadmill and trained legs but didn't really feel up to it - then at the weekend when my neck was better, my willpower deserted me. Feel quite pathetic about it really - am going tonight and will do more cardio than usual to try and make up for it.

Sorry - shame on me!!!!

Will do better this week - promise!!

Carol x


Love God; Love People
Hi Carolanski, I hope your neck feels better soon.


10 mins treadmill - 7.5kph powerwalking
30 mins X-Trainer - level 8, av. 8-10kph 304 cals

No weights - neck issue - feeling muchbetter will do some weight tomorrow.

Carol x


is going to loose!
Going to hold you to that!

Isn't it the way when you miss a day it can very easily turn into 2 , 3 or then the week and then going back for that first time you feel guilty and it's such an effort to find that motivation....

Thanks Bren - need a massive kick up the ar*e! If you kick it on here and my OH kicks it at home I should be alright!


5 mins treadmill
20 mins X-Trainer - level 7, 204 cals
Weights - all weights except tricep pull downs - neck still a bit dodgy, 32 sit ups/32 back raises on the ball

More tomorrow too - promise

Carol x


is going to loose!
Well done you!

Today is my day off I've done 4 days in a row. Although I did do 10 mins of floor exercises this morning and you know I may want to go for a walk this arvo. Yay I just said WANT TO, I think I may have found my passion for the exercise again!!!

Also meeting with a CDC on Monday and thinking of starting it to kick my last 18lbs.

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