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ProPoints Carolines Diary July 2011

Lil Miss Sunshine

WE can do this :)
Breakfast 8 am
Porraidge 5 pro points (with water)

1000 am (found i was hungry after porraige)
Bananna 0 Points
Skimmed Milk Small Latte 1 pro point

Weight Watchers Spag Bol - 6 Pro Points
1 Orange - 0 Pro Points
6 Melba Toast with 1 tsp Nutella - 3 Pro Points

1/2 tray of chow main (5 p points)
2 Glasses of Orange Juice (2 p Points)
Animal Bar (2 Pro Points)

Total Pro Points today: 24
Activity Points: 2 went for brisk half hour walk
5 Points for Tomorrow (we can do this cant we?)
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Lil Miss Sunshine

WE can do this :)
Bad Day but on we go
Friday 8th July

Breakfast 8 am

Choc Chip White Muffin (15 Pro Points)
Large Skimmed Milk Latte (5 Pro Points)

Banana (0 Pro Points)

Half Chow main from last nite (5 Pro Points)

boyfriend brought me out and ended up in eddie Rockets

Bun Burger 9 Pro Points
Cheese and bacon 5 pro points
Guacamole 4 pro points

Chips (havled) 7 Pro Points (they are 14)
Garlic and Cheese 6 pro points (half)

56 points jesus - once off tho going to Eddie Rockets. Won't be going again for a year or two.

so do i deducted my daily 29 points from the weekly pro points ?
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Hi :) here to follow xx

Lil Miss Sunshine

WE can do this :)
Saturday 9th July

2 slices of home made soda bread really thin (2 pro points)
1 tspn low butter (1 pro point)

2 slices home made soda bread thin
(2 pro points)

1400 hrs
6 melba toast (1 pro point)
lemon curd (3 points)? just scraped it on it

1600 hrs
6 melba toast (1 pro point)
lemon curd (3 pro points)
tea and milk skimmed (1 pro point)

Garlic Bread (10 Pro Points)
Mushroom Chow Main (6 Points)

Total Used Today: 31
Allowance for the Week left: 20
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just make sure you eat all your daily points and keep your food mixed up... not eating the same things repeatedly ....and stick with minimins thats the best tip of all x

Lil Miss Sunshine

WE can do this :)
im finding the 49 points weeklies 2 good to be true, i am only on the new system since thurs and i find im eating loads lol the scales will tell it all Wed.


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I try not to use my weeklies if possible but sometimes its very hard especially if your like me and enjoy a wee glass of vino or two..lol..some peeps find they lose more weight by eating all their weeklies others don't ...it's just a matter of finding whats best for you. x


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I'd rather not use them either but I have noticed that if I do then I seem to have a loss which is more than 1/2 lb so I guess thats something....hope your enjoying your weekend x
Hi I do have a diary it's under my name :)

I agree with Jem it's trial and error some people eat weeklies and lose and some people only lose on dailies... Plus it depends on exercise too... I'm still trying to figure out what is best for me lol x
Monday 11th July

Breakfast 7am
Cadbury Cereal Bar (4 Pro Points)
Banana (0 Points)
Large Skimmed Milk Latte (3 Pro Points)

1030 am
6 Melba toast (1 point)
Nutella 1 tspn (2 Points)

Lunch 12 Noon
Weight Watchers Meal (6 Pro Points)

Banana (0 pro points)
Wispa (6 pro points)

Slept the min i came home til the morning thank god as i had no points left so all good.

oh wait, added it all up i had 7 left yesterday? even better ha
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Hey Jem, I found the weekend very hard. But im learing, i find the week days easy enough. I basically scrap the nutella onto the melba toast (6 for 1 point is great) but im thinking a Freddie Bar for 3 points (same value) be better lol but its still a low choc fix. My weigh in is tomorrow. Be interesting to see how i get on. How are u getting on hun x
Tuesday 12th July

Skimmed Milk Latte (3 Pro Points)
2 slices brown toast (4 Pro Points)
Butter (2 Pro POints)

Bagel (6 Pro Points)
Extra Cream Cheese (1 Pro Point)

Chicken (4 Pro Points)
Brown Rice (4 Pro Points)
Curry sauce from a pack but only a tiny bit (2 Pro Points)

6 Melba Toast (1 Pro Point)
1 tsp Nutella (2 Pro Points)

Total 29 Points
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I'm good thanks hun ..had another late night last nite as bonfire was being lit and they played loud loud music till the wee small hours ...but had a lie in this morn ........good luck for wi hope you have a good day x
Good luck for WI xx

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