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Caroline's Slimming World Diary

Heyho everyone :D

Im starting Slimming World tonight for the first time in around 8 years so a lots changed with the plan since way back then.

I thought i'd start a diary to chart my losses and struggles along the way. Feel free to join in.

I'll put an entry in later on to let you all know how i got on at tonights class :D
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well, i went to last nights class and got all my books and info to get me started, however i think im going to change classes...

it said on the SW website that class started a 5.30pm so i got myself along to the venue only to find it advertised on the noticeboard as starting at 5.15pm. thinking i'd missing the start of the class i bolted up the stairs to be told that it was a "weigh and go class" and the proper class didnt start until 7.00pm. Hmmm, so i stood in line, paid my money, got weighed, was given my books and told to phone the consultant if i had any problems. now i've not been to a SW for years but i thought that i'd be measured and she's go over all the info. I was also given the new style membership card but not given the pin number or password to log onto the website.

i only joined that class in the first place due to the start time as i'll have to take my 2 year old along when hubby is working but im dragging her out of class at 8.30pm when the main class has finished. do all classes start off as a weigh and go session?
A normal class would say start at 7pm for example for the newbie talk about the plan, while the other members get weighed in. I have never known anyone be measured though but I could be wrong.

Then 1/2 an hour after start time image therapy starts with all the talking, results etc.

Our group never started as a weigh and go.

I should have thought that you would have got a password, pin numbers have started to be issued this week but our class is getting them next week.

Is there not another class near you with a similar start time which isnt weigh and go.

In the mean time if you need any help just ask.

Good luck
Thanks very much Kaye, i've just phoned the SW consultant who gave me this weeks password and said i'd get my pin next week but i cant get on the SW website :( not sure if its me being a thicko :) because its my first time using the website i've got to click the "new members" area but it wont let me past with the password, it wants a 5 digit pin. hmm, maybe i'll have to wait until next week.

yeah i found another class which starts at 5.30pm so i might phone first to make sure its not a weigh and go before actual class. i take it i can go to any class to get weighed. when i was on the phone the SW consultant said i'd get my pin next week at class so i dont want to swap classes if its gona confuse them :)
It shouldn't confuse things hun the pin is linked to your electronic card so it should come up on their screen wherever you go, I would have thought anyway.

When you get on the sw website you should get a little link when you try and log in which gives you the choice of logging in using the password.

Thats what happened for me and a few others I have seen talking about it.

Good luck x
cheers soccermom,

i still cant get on the website :( i think its because ive never registered before so i've got to click the "register" tab in the "first time here section". Never mind i'm sure i'll muddle by until class next week when i get my pin.

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