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carries final journey (she hopes)

here goes nothing....

ive always had problems with my weight as far back as i can remember, a lot of emotional things going on when i was 17 which led to me being a single mother at 18. i was on maternity leave, my friends all had their work and social lives so i became addicted to excersize, to the extent my dad asked me if i was anorexic and unless i moved home for a few days he was taking me to a doctor... so i moved home and got fed. i was depressed living at home never feeling like i was a good enough mother, my mum was doing a lot for me returning to work. i was grateful but depressed i was missing out on so much.
i turned to food.... in 2yrs i was upto 16st n half a pound with a bmi of 40+. i had more than doubled my weight. my dr diagnosed clinical depression and with a new job, counselling and atkins i lost 3st and felt so much better about myself. got a new man ( who im still with now ) and a new flat and everything was great...
maintained that weight till i fell pregnant with my second child and really struggled with losing the weight, i was up n down. done xenical, alli slimfast atkins maple syrup ww ss everything then last aug 09 i started ll. lost 4n a half st in 17wks then done 4wks of rtm and thought i knew it all.... so after a few half hearted attempts at ww and abstinance im back and raring to go.
my problem is i need STRICT rules to follow. if im allowed to include everything under a pointed plan i find i use all my points on the sweet treats. that teaches me nothing. ive read in other blogs n threads that lll is harder as it tests n teaches portion control, finally something i NEED to know.
thanks to anyone who reads this good to know your listening xx
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its 4.35 and im still going strong!!! yay me lol.

ive had a strawb milkshake for my brekkie and a chilli con carne for my lunch. heading to asda soon to pick up my protien and veg. i have my list written.... think i may have veggie omelette for my tea then a mousse later. i do wish i could somehow just put myself to sleep till sat or sun though... lol xx
thurs morning and day 2!!!

i was in bed at half 8 last nyt with a mega sore head but i did have all my packs and allowances.
i had a 2 egg omelette with a dash of milk (from allowance) with sauted onions, mushrooms green peppers spring onion and a little bit of lettuce on the side. i used one pepper, half an onion and 4 mushrooms and 2 spring onions and the quantity was huge!!! i then finished with 15g reduced fat cheese grated over the top. it was sooo yummy. then just before bed i knew i would fall asleep so i had a choc shake with 200mls water so it was thick n tasty.

im def preferring lite as i can have a meal with the kids and it gives me a meal to look forward too rather than me feeling deprived. even oh was impressed as he had an indian and normally id take me meal through the other room but i ate my omelette with him and id even say my meal looked a lot more appetising than his.... the oil yuck!!!
i used 12 sprays of my one cal spray from my allowance, i do however need to invest in a non stick pan!!

hope everyone is great and good luck for today xx
day 3!!!!

if i can get through this im good to go, i had a vanilla shake for brekkie yesterday, 100g chicken, 100g cottage cheese a handful of lettuce and 1 spring onion for lunch yesterday, a peanut bar at teatime and a banana shake at 9:15. then bed
was up 4 or 5 times through the nyt peeing like a racehorse.
im sooooooo tempted to set5 up the wii to weigh myself but i know if its not a lot ill be dissapointed and give in so i cannot wait till tues.

ps if anyone wants to write any words of support or encouragement feel free....
take care xx


Getting her sparkle back
Hi Carrie!

I'm exactly the same, I really need strict rules as i'm a 'all or nothing' type of person! I'm on Week 5 of RTM now, and know what you mean when you say 'i thought I knew it all', i'm starting to push the boundaries a bit and I know it's wrong, so need to get back on track!

Your doing so well on Lite, sounds like you made the best decision for you :) I made an omlette the other day and it turned into a huge pile of mashed up eggs so will also be investing in a non-stick pan haha!

Keep going, your doing so well :) Your over halfway of your first week, the time will fly by and the weight will fall off!
im wide awake at 23.38, have just put a washing on?? wtf?? where is this energy came from??
if it wasnt for the sleeping oh and children id have the hoover on lol. im away to do my wee drop dishes lol.
hope this lasts ill have a showhome!! xx
im still going strong, day 6 today and weigh in 2moro, ive not weighed myself at all so it will be interesting as i feel the same ...
still not sleeping great, im up for work at 6.30 but not tired at night??? its like 3-4am before i doze over, def gonna get some nytol or something. xx
i got my nytol, took 1 tablet and withim 30mins i was out, woke up at 2am to go to the loo but then konked right back out again till my alarm went off at 6am. im still a bit groggy but i was shattered.
weigh in 2nyt, i finish work at 7pm then im heading straight to class so ill log on when im home. i can truthfully say ive stuck 100% to lighterlife lite but no movement (in the bowel area) is making me feel bloated and heavy. my trousers however are not as tight as they were. time will tell.
hope everyone has a great day xx
i cheated last night........ not in a bad way i had to have 1 extra food pack o was tooo hungry and i drank loads of water and brushed my teeth but i was gonna go for the mccoy crisps but ended up with a peanut bar. i am still in ketosis ( light pink) but not gonna have a bar today. thought id let you know. xx
Well done on your weight loss - thats FAB! congratulations!

Well done you for opting for another foodpack rather than the mccoys crisps!
bringing this thread upto date. back on ll total sticking to it 100% and wk 3 weigh in on monday!! im getting married in vegas march 2012 so hoping to go wedding dress shopping asap!!! xx
weigh in 2nyt!!!! problem with my foodpacks though. ive only got one for today till weigh in..... seem to be 1 short??? ive def only had 4 per day as i space them out. my llc seems to think ive been givem 1 short, she is going to give me 1 extra this week. trying to hang off as long as possible before i have my pack though. weigh in is at half 6, ill have 3 packs to have between 8pm and bedtime!!! doubleshake and bar me thinks.
my younger son wanted to take his bike to school this morning.... its bout 1.5miles each way up and down hills. took me an hour!!! hes not got the strength in his legs to push himself up the hill and i had to run after him going down the hills!!! i was exhausted, and got it to do again when i pick him up.... we will get there.
this is day 22 for me today so im very pleased with myself,ive been struggling to stay focused but im surprised that ive managed it. just goes to show i can make good choices.
hope evryone else is doing great xx

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