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Cars? Anyone?


Warning-Contains Nuts
I bought my dream car...second hand, (the newest I could afford), and then the credit crunch made it lose virtually all it's value, so it's a bl**dy good job I love it and intend to drive it until one of us dies.....

Considering my previous 2 cars were a Fiat Uno with a handbrake that didn't work, and a Suzuki Wagon with a handbrake that didn't work....I'm pretty chuffed with my BMW 3 series. It may be a 'salesman car', but I think it is beautiful and worth every penny :)


Warning-Contains Nuts
Just your standard saloon, no fancy extras, but to me it seems fantastic! :)
It is killing me trying to justify the cost of running it, but I love it too much to sell it when I know I won't get a good price in this market :(
Know what you mean, the used car market has realy taken a dip. I've got an Astra VXR, cost a bomb to run! But I bloody love it. Always been a bit of a Vauxhall snob but test drove it and just fell in love. It goes like sh1t off a shovel, excuse my french. My hubb is a lover of the 3 series, really wants a sports coupe, but we can't afford it right now.


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My brother had a coupe briefly, and I thought it was fantastic. I was sooo excited when I got my saloon, and just loved it from first driving it :) I'd only had it 6 days though and a kid ran into me on his bike when I was stationary and did £1000 of damage to the rear door!!! I was just watching him in slow motion, going....he'll brake in a second....why isn't he braking?....oh my god he's just run straight into me!!!!! He was racing with his mates down the middle of the road and swung round the corner straight into me - doh!! So not a great start!
Since then, no problems though, it goes like a dream, especially on the motorway, and sailed through its MOT with no probs. My brother has done any bits of work I've needed like brake pads, so I've not had to bear the cost of BMW parts etc - which are insane!!

If your VXR goes like sh*t off a shovel, I guess it's MPG might actually be worse than mine then!!:rolleyes:
I get about 25 to 30 mpg depending on how I'm driving. I'm a bit of a geek with it. Won't take it onto a car wash and I park miles away from anyone cause I dont want it dinged. Mind you have dinged a fair few cars in my time but I'm mega careful with this one. God i think i would have fainted if that wee guy had hit mine lol. BMW are much more reliable too, those Germans know how to build a car. Hubb last one was a Golf R32, we recently got rid. Nearly cried when it went, I loved driving it.


Warning-Contains Nuts
Only prob I've just noticed is the engine is so well covered I couldn't find the battery when I was going to jump-start my boyfs Micra!! Ended up using my mates Yaris!

I'd better have a look at the manual :rolleyes:

I'm afraid I'm a bit of a typical woman when it comes to the technical stuff :eek: I've been spoilt having a Dad and Brother who can build and fix any machine going, so I've never had to learn.....:rolleyes:

I get an average of 36.6 MPG, but on the motorway it's fab, more like 45-50, I do lots of crap short journeys so that bumps it up.

I know what you mean about dings in supermarkets! After the kid+bike incident I've been paranoid!!
Good for the old weight loss mind!!! End up walking aout a mile:) I'm not that technically minded really. Can change a tyre and stuff but anything else I wouldn't have a clue. Whne I get to target I'm treating myself to an upgrade to stage 2. Puts a big load of BHP on the engine and improves performance and handling. Me and hubb do track days if we ever get the time cause you really can't bomb it properly and safely on normal roads.


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I leave the track days to my brother, he races motorbikes, and that just scares the cr*p out of me!!!


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I've become more and more like my Mum with every year that has passed! I used to be quite reckless and brave, and now I'm a worry-monster!!! I had a motor-cross bike when I was at school, but wasn't great on it, so wouldn't expect to do well on the track either!
i used to have a rover 220 coupe turbo tuned and rolling roaded to around 230bhp but got rid of it in the summer because the price of petrol was killing me :cry:at the the time so ive just got a plain escort gti now as a run around does me fine and is dead cheap to run in comparison :D:D:D and im trying to be a little more sensible these days lol:8855:
the handling was well sweet as it had koni top adjustables on it was a very hard ride tho but it was costing me nearly 200 a month in fuel just to keep it going was a tad thirsty and i was only doing about 100 miles a week lol
I wanna get uprated breaks on mine, but money!!!! But I can take it slow not planning on changing cars for a bit and its kinda my first project. Always had bangers. Will get the stage 2 done first and work up from there. Your suspension must have cost a packet!
Not sure I would class myself as a petrol head but I love quirky cars and Top Gear, does that qualify?!!

I currently have a Nissan Figaro which is my absolute pride and joy...Figgy Pudding to his friends



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part time petrolhead here. brother and dad both amateur rally drivers, do co-piloting when i get a chance. brother has a talbot sunbeam and dad has a ford mark 2.
im only in a 306 at the min, and it hasnt even got turbo! was a poor student for a long time, but have my eye on a honda civic type r now. mum and dad's runaround is a subaru impreza so sometimes i sit in the seat and make vroom vroom noises and dream my wee dreams.....lol

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