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Cass's Diary


Hope everyones day is going well.

So this is my first diary entry on this website, My mum (maximoo) advised me to come on here, sign up etc etc :). I've been on this diet since the end of September and i've so far lost 7stone 2lbs (there you go mum, didn't forget the 2lbs this time, happy? :p). I get easily embarrased about my weightloss mainly because i don't like the fuss and i hate the red cheek look :p.

#1 Enemy...

Porridge - YUCK!

When i first tried this i done it too thick and it got stuck to the spoon haha (unfortunately i had no choice but to eat it at the time :cry:).

My second attempt was today and i put too much water in. BUT i had put a sweetner in and sadly, i must admit, the watery substance was lovely. I took two porridge packs off of my mum. Because she has just started again i didnt want her to stop so i swapped two with her so she could enjoy her packs, because obviously i don't want her to have a bad experience with the packs like she did with the soups.

AWWW, what a lovely daughter i am! ;)

This forums seems alot more active than the other two i'm registered on. So I am looking forward to chatting to everyone and getting to know and support you all.

Weigh in tonight, Not sure how much I'm going to lose, fingers crossed for anything over 0.1 lbs ;).

Have a LOVELY day everyone!

P.S Mum, I am very proud of you and your 9lb loss on your mid-week weigh in. Keep it up, you're a star xx
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Awww Cass, your gonna make me cry! lol xxx

I must say to everyone that Cass went to see her friend last night, someone she hadn't seen since she started LL and her friend cried when she saw her (happy tears of course!)

I can't put into words how proud I am of you Cass, my face beams when I think of how determined you are and how you've got so much more confidence to face the world. Love you with all my heart Cass xx Mum xx
My mood is usually fine but at the moment i feel im in such a down mood :(. I do hate this sometimes :(

Oh and thanks for the post mum :D <3 love you xx


is Magdalicious
Aaaaawwwwww you're so lucky you're so close ladies!
My mum is thousands of miles away and I miss her so much it hurts!!!

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Awww Magiclove sending you a big hug xxxxxx Maxi xxx
Hmmm, so this weeks module is "messages".
So, here, I shall write a letter to my future self.

Dear Cassie,

You've struggled alot with your weight in your past. You'd eat when you was stressed or bored and you'd pile the pounds on. Every diet you HAD tried before starting LighterLife had failed and you'd end up putting more on. You had very low confidence and would never stand up for what you believed in. You was continously pushed over by the events that came your way.

As i mentioned above, that was your weight and your life in the past. Now, You are a successful, beautiful, slim, long legged *tehehe* confident 19 year old that has travelled on an amazing journey. At the start of lighter life you had no confidence. You was at a weight that shocked you when you first stepped on the scales. You wouldn't dream of walking to the station, now, you walk to the station and get off the stop before so you can walk alot further. You've hiked a mountain, you've gone on extremely long walks. Now, you have a sparkle in your eye when you see how far you've come. When you look at your biggest trousers that mark the start of the journey, you smile, you've done this for you.

All of the negative comments about the diet you had at the start was worth it. Now you have extremely proud parents. Friends that cry when they see you (happy of course). And an amazing boyfriend that has supported you the whole way through.

So cass, at 19, what will you have achieved? Everything you've ever wanted.

Love Cassieeeeeeee

Wow Cass what an inspirational post I nearly burst out crying in work! I'm so very proud to say that you are my daughter big hugs from mum xxxxx
Haha, oh god mum don't go crying :p I'm proud to have a mum like you! x

Awh thanks MagicLove and Jezebella xx :D Hope your day is going well!
Day 116

Day 116

Yes, i was infact sad enough to count those days after all this time.

Today isn't going to bad. I woke up at 6:20, got a shower etc. Packed my rucksack for the weekend as i'm off to my boyfriends for the weekend after work. He lives in Devon.

So as i packed my clothes. I nearly forgot one crucial thing... my IPOD (well mums, sorry mum, love you! haha). I managed to remember and now, the only album i will listen to for the entire 2hr 30mins journey is rihanna. I'm absoloutely in love with her new album and unheathily obsessed with it? Lol.

My first shake this morning was strawberry, yum!! I've packed my mostly strawberry shakes for the weekend. The chocolate seems to make my tongue numb now... that isn't good, is it? Lol. Anyways I'm all packed, I'm now at work.


wait for it....

I've just booked myself an appointment at the hair salon next week. Yes me, the girl that thought she would never have the money to do it and it's cheaper than i expected. Hey, i'm losing weight, i'm starting to feel really good about myself. My old hair (bad hair) Is long and has turned a nasty colour since i havn't died it since October :(. So a new style maybe and a lovely DARK brown/close to black, to bring out my lovely blue eyes.

Oh yes, I'm going to like this confidence boost. It'll all be done in time for the party we're going to. Mums brothers 40th in the evening. A lovely outfit, new hair, new me. (well from what people had last seen anyways)

Watch out people, there is one confident girl coming soon.

Will diary entry again on Friday.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Muchio Love
Cass <3 x
Day 116 Cass well done you!!! I can't believe how well you've done and are still doing, the whole family won't recognise you at the party! Love ya lots Mum xxxx p.s. yes that is my ipod cheeky mare!
Hiya Cass

Hope you're enjoying yourself down in Devon. I'm doing ok I'm on day 10 whoop whoop double numbers lol! Love you loads my very special daughter xx Mum xx
I had an amazing weekend. Saturday was okay for drinking water. Yesterday was horrible. I think i barely had 750ml of water (plus two shakes on top) from the time i woke up at 7 until 7.30pm at night. Needless to say im drinking ALOT more water today. Must lose more than last week. I must! My target before my 19th birthday is to lost 1stone 6lbs. So i get into the "teens" YES.

Note to self: i CAN and WILL achieve this. WOOP WOOP xx
Hiya Cass here I am :D

Hope your days going well hun and your drinking enough water! xx mum xx
Hey where's your diary entry young lady lol :D Loves ya lots Mum xxx

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