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Cate's 2014 Low G.I. Weight Loss Journey

Discussion in 'GI Diet Support Forum' started by Cate1898, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Cate1898

    Cate1898 Member

    I have tried tons of different diets (Scarsdale, Cabbage Soup diet, Calorie counting, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Dukan, etc) , done the yo-yo dieting thing and so I am hoping that by posting here to myself (and anyone who wants to read it) that I will be more accountable and stick with my new way of eating as of today. From what I have seen from sample eating plans of the G.I. diet (by Rick Gallop) is that it has the ability to be very sustainable in the long term. However, I am only just beginning and time will be the truest test of all! I have 65 lbs and several inches to lose to get to my goal. I am also hoping to find others doing the same way of eating and we can encourage each other and perhaps trade recipes etc.

    I think for the most part dinners will be the easiest meal, but I will have difficulty with breakfasts and lunches until I am more familiar with this way of eating. Totally changing what I order when we eat out will be difficult for me. I am going to have to get in the habit of carrying with me healthy snacks, cause when I get really hungry I can get a headache and lose my willpower.

    I have lots of motivation to lose weight. I just need to remind myself of it from time to time!

    1. Get healthier and live longer
    2. Hopefully reduce or stop taking some/all of my meds
    3. Look better
    4. Feel better

    I plan to weigh and measure myself every Monday morning.

    So without further procrastination - here goes!!

    Created by MyFitnessPal.com - Free Calorie Counter
    Last edited: 19 January 2014
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  3. Jen-Cheng

    Jen-Cheng Well-Known Member

    Hi Cate here to subscribe! :)

    Hope all has gone well on your first day x
  4. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Well-Known Member

    I hear what your saying about getting really hungry and getting headaches, I also get the shakes ..

    From my experience once you stop eating high GI foods, the headaches and shakes will reduce and you can go longer between eating/ meals.

    Breakfast can be eggs and bacon with tomatoes etc .. Or you can make in advance a egg muffin which can be stored in the freezer or fridge .. You mixed eggs with bits of ham/ veg and bake in the oven till cooked. Heat for 1-2 mins in the microwave..
  5. Cate1898

    Cate1898 Member

    Thanks Mis-behave. I will certainly try the egg muffin and make some in advance cause sometimes breakfast needs to be quick. I am doing that with the recipe for 'homey oatmeal' and then instead of adding splenda and fresh fruit I have 'no sugar added' extra fruit jam on top 1 - 1 1/2 tbsp with some skim milk. Making the homey oatmeal ahead works fine and reheats in 1-2 minutes in the microwave.
    I am getting kind of in a rut already with lunch only because I have not planned ahead and end up eating the same thing every day. I am not bored of it yet, but can foresee the day when I will be if I don't start mixing it up. I have been having a slice of high fibre bread with hummus on it, a couple of thin slices of Buddig brand turkey slices (they are almost paper thin) and some tomatoes, onion, or cucumber and lettuce.
    Tonight I had made the 'chicken enchilada' recipe and it was delicious. Only change I made was to eat the wraps unbaked, just heated in the microwave for 45 seconds then add in the ingredients roll up and eat, instead of his method of baking in the oven. I highly recommend this recipe and can type it out if anyone wants it. Let me know.
    I can honestly say I have not been hungry really at all since beginning this. Looking forward to my first weigh in on Monday!
  6. Jen-Cheng

    Jen-Cheng Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear you are getting on well with the recipes, will have to see if I have that one. Lunch is a struggle for me too, especially when I wake up late and don't pack :eek: I think I have been recycling fruit salad with natural yoghurt, tuna salad and toasted bread just a bit. When I'm at home I can be more inventive but packing lunches for work I find harder.
  7. Cate1898

    Cate1898 Member

    Well I am very disappointed. After following this for a week, there was no weight loss on the scale or by measurement. I will have to re-examine my food diary and find out why. I know I have to start drinking a lot more water, that is one thing I know without having to look at what I ate. Oh, well, it's a Lifestyle change.
  8. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Well-Known Member

    Do u use myfitnesspal ?
  9. Cate1898

    Cate1898 Member

    Yes I have done in the past. Wasn't sure I could use it for the low G.I. diet. Can it be useful for that? Are you using it for that diet?
  10. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Well-Known Member

    It tracks your food intake and is a good way to look at your past foods eaten, it also breaks down the micro nutrients of the foods and kcals etc . Under custom goals on the web not iPhone app you can set your own carb/ protein/ fat ratios Low GI foods have less sugars and carbs than hi GI foods .. So u can figure out perhaps where your eating higher GI foods than you realise? I find it useful :)
  11. Cate1898

    Cate1898 Member

    Yes I am going to start using My Fitness Pal today. I am on as cate1898 also on My Fitness Pal. Add me as a friend if you want! I have started the Low G.I. diet again today. Had a wicked migraine most of yesterday. Woke up fine today thank goodness! So here I go again back on!!
  12. Cate1898

    Cate1898 Member

    OMG, somehow I am down a pound today. Can't believe it cause I haven't been good since Saturday! Oh well, that's good news!! :)
  13. Jen-Cheng

    Jen-Cheng Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the loss Cate! :)

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