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  1. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Earlier this week eventually came up with a plan to reward my weight loss progress by earning the right(infact decided it would be an obligation)to throw out an item of clothing.I have a shameful collection of scruffy fat-girl gardening clothes.All old,many wth seriel repairs done to them.Now I'm a great fan of thrift, but i've taken it to farcical extremes.

    Also in the cupboard are clothes of various sizes & ages kept for the day that I shall be able to wear them again.Well not if they are totally out of fashion,nor if as I suspect they've been attacked by clothes moths,the elastic has perished or the colour on the exposed surfaces have faded.

    So every Tues I get 1 point for each pound lost.
    To chuck an item of underwear cost 1 points.
    To chuck a major item cost 2 pt.
    Unused points can be carried over.
    ( I may have to re-value my currency depending on how it tallies with the supply of garments ready for dispatch)
    (I suppose I could also award myself the points accrued before I set this up,but too much fiddling,of course makes the system a fraud.Suck it & see I say)
    Having finally got my head into clear out mode,I now can't wait to see it all being culled.

    Start date Tues 9th Jan.Weight 17st.(nb using my scales which probably underweigh by 7lb)

    Tues Feb 20th.End week 6 -3lb.
    Pr size 22-24 jersey leggings.Elasticated waist had failed & so were falling down.Destination: BIN.1 pt carried over.

    My target for next week is on a hanger on my bedroom wall.It's so old & stained it's simply a disgrace.CAN'T wait!
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  3. jane

    jane Opinionated

    end week 7

    Weight today=205lb
    -5lb + pt carried over = 6pts today
    I shall throw out
    1.the dark red rugby shirt that is hanging on my wall
    2.It's pair that is equally tatty.they are both cotton so go on the compost heap.
    3.A pr of Evens jeans.Size 22.Will offer to send to anyone on minimins who would like them.
    No pts carried over.

    Can't say how fab & clean & liberated i'm feeling doing this.

    Jeans were bought around christmas.worn for about 2 hrs soon after starting CD.The bum & legs fitted but waist gaped.I thought i'll take it in when I've a mo.tried them on again last week & waist was ridiculousy gaping.I'm v pear shaped & have always had this problem with trousers.
    Best to forget the bad puchase & try & find them a home with someone more apple shaped.

    Please if anyone would like a pr of size 22 Evans bootleg jeans just contact me-they are here for the taking.Otherwise they will go to oxfam-or could try Ebay,but i'd rather give them away.The waist isn't v low nor is it right up at true waist height. will try & post a picl ater.
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  4. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Any takers?

    any takers?

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  5. jane

    jane Opinionated


    2 rugby shirts have been fed to compost heap No3.
    (& good riddance)

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  6. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Feel I'm standing still this week.The small falls from plan on sun(H's 50th) & tues (book group) still rankle.

    So have selected next victim for culling.

    An old burgandy fleece.The dog chewed the arms so I had to trim the sleeves & refashion the cuffs.There are darns up the front, the hem's down & worn so thin it's almost transparent.
    It's in position on the hanger where I can see it.

    Reckon I'd be satisfied with 2 lb this week. Just to be able to chuck this out.
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  7. jane

    jane Opinionated

    end week 8

    Weight today 203lb =-2lb =2pts.

    I shall throw out the old maroon fleece with the silly short sleeves.(dog chewed them).Bought to take me through a pregnancy but actually did 2 miscariages as well as final baby.but he's almost 7 now & throwing in out won't influence him . Destination:BIN. No pts carried over.

    So what shall I choose next? Can I hear fearful quivverings coming from the wardrobe?

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  8. jane

    jane Opinionated

    More proof

    Burgandy fleece binned.

    Next up for the firing squad is a blue & sheep fleecy body warmer.It's worn so thin that the fleece has all gone exposing the fabric mesh in places.I did throw it out a year or so back & gave it to the dogs for bedding.then a short while later I reclaimed it & it's done another couple of winters since. No more! It has seen it's last frosty morn.

    pic of burgandy fleece in bin.

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  9. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

  10. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Those little Extras.

    Thankyou Starlight.I'm really enjoying it.

    I've decided to keep a list of all those little nice bonus moments when you realise that life is on the up.Some are anticipated others not.
    So far I've clocked up:

    1.Fitting easily into my 20 jeans (thugh still a 22 mainly)
    2.sitting in my rocking chair (oh Yes) my thighs didn't squidge through the side bars uncomfortably (except when I sat foreward)
    3.Wearing my thick mens knee-length gardening socks I could actually pull them all the way up & they were comfy.Normally they sit at my ankles (maybe one day they'll fall down)
    4. I'm going to wear my new S20 needle cords to work today.
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  11. jane

    jane Opinionated

    week 9

    Weight today 199lb =-4lb=4pts.

    I'm re-valuing my currency slightly.
    T-shirts only count as 1pt.
    underwear =1/2pt

    Today I shall throw out my bald blue body warmer.Last time I lost weight I gave it to the dogs as bedding.Then when I regained I took it back washed it thorouhglt & put it back in the wardrobe.How sad is that?oToday it ges for good.Destination=BIN

    Also 2 T-shirts.One is just awful.Covered in paint,creosote & bleach.The other is old & painty & has had it's sleeves cut off using my overlocker.I used to wear it at the gym & the sleeves were a bit long & floppy & annoyed me.Hence they were amputated.Destination=Compost Heap

    The hanger on the wall is empty again now so need to find somethig else to aim for

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  12. jane

    jane Opinionated

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  13. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Wont be long before your wardrobe is empty lol I hope youre replacing some of this stuff with smaller sizes ;)
  14. jane

    jane Opinionated

    proof for tues 13th march

    todays selections have been dealt with.

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  15. jane

    jane Opinionated

    & the compost heap

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  16. jane

    jane Opinionated

    well no-as I don't need to.That's either happily i you're mean or unhappily if you want to go on a spree.All the sizes are there just deeper down in the archaeological layers.I don't really do 'fashion', so much of it will be wearable I hope.
    When I get almost to goal then I'd like to get myself a couple of smart outfits.Say one for work & one for posh.
    I spend most of my time muddy so As long as it stays up it doesn't really matter.
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  17. Oiseau

    Oiseau Full Member

    Hi Jane, just wanted to say what a fab idea!! You sound like you're having so much fun doing this, can't wait to see what's next for the chopping block!;)

    Ois x
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  18. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Aw shucks thanks oiseau.
    It is fun & just as well othe wise i might have found ever more pathetic reasons to hang on to the junk.
    Memories are more than a collection of threadbare clothes eh!
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  19. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Week 10

    Weight today 196lb=-3lb =3pts

    I had really hoped for 4pts, as that is what I'd lined up for disposal.So 1 t-shirt can sit on the hanger in death row for another week.
    Out today are 1 pr cut off trousers,paint spattered & holed at the crotch.Also another de-sleeved t-shirt with a hole centre front.Looks like one my dog made.He's a springer-collie cross & lives up to it.Neither garment has much cotton so;
    Destination =bin for both.Bye Bye:wavey: .I almost couldn't confess here that I wore those trousers out in public last summer.:eek:

    Pics & Proof of disposal below.
    PS still think this is the best time in the week

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  20. jane

    jane Opinionated

    those little extras.2nd

    Quite chuffed.
    Wonder what I'll notice next?
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  21. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Week 11

    weight today 192lb=-4lb=4pts

    Good riddance to the last de-sleeved painty Tshirt,Another quite nice Tshirt that is stiff with paint & glue, & the second pr of cut-off trousers.The elasticated waist hes gone on these, so when I tried them on for fun they near as damn it fell straight off again.Happiness!

    destination Bin as none of them have much cotton in them.
    And good riddance.

    I've already got a target for next week-I'm wearing them & the crothch is 1/2 waydown my legs & v annoying.

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