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cathies diary


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i have not been a member long and have just been meandering through other peoples posts answering and joining in where and when, but today i have decided to start a diary. new to this, really not done it before but if it helps me in any way and helps anyone else along the way that is just a bonus:p

i am mother of the bride in april!!!!!!

first thinks "me feel very old!!"

then thinks "me too fat for wedding photos!!" (which,lets face it , will be around a few years haunting me if i dont do something about it)

so my plan is slimming world and exercise.
which i can do when i put my mind to it
i just find it hard sticking to it lately

i had lost 13 and 1/2 pound before xmas but put 11 back on, now i seem stuck in xmas mode and cant seem to shake it off.
so here goes ;)
cathie x
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well another day is nearly over and i have been good, so thats 4 days in a row. no alcohol and stuck to the plan;);)

i do feel quite good actully despite having a bit of a wobble earlier this eve.
i took my grandaughter home, she sleeps every week, and her mum, my ex daughter in law, said i can only have her every other week from now on.

we are very close so i feel abit gutted. but i suppose ill just have to get used to it. really felt like calling at the shop on my way home for wine and chocs, but i didnt so early to bed with choc options instead!!

so on to bed


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hi di hi

well my scales say i weigh 2lb less than last mon (i know i shouldn't but im impatient)

its my weigh in tomorrow so iwill be keeping every thing crossed.

my 30 day shred dvd has just arrived so i will give that a go
"lose 20 pounds in 30 days" it says on the front. or just the £4.99
i paid for it if not!!!

bye for now


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cathiec diary

good morning diary

well i went to weigh in and i had lost a pound. see never weigh yourself. throw the scales away! icould of been disappointed but my monthly arrived when i got up so i feel ok:jelous:

gonna do my 30 day shred before work. my friend at class said i should measure myself and see if this 30 day shred makes any difference to my waist line. so i think i will.

had a laugh a class, in a moment of weakness someone had fryed a cheese sarni!! they had sts and that was why:D:D

there is a new hifi bar coming out but no news of the syn free cranberry juice,

got to go and shred

bye for now


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good evening

just finished a 9 hour shift. dont know if i should or need to do my shred dvd cos i ache all over!!

had fish pie in works canteen for my dinner:mad: but i was starvin marvin and they had run out of jackets:mad:

but ive got 6 days to wi must focus on that and stick to the plan!!!

had chicken and pasta for my tea when i got in so thats ok. must do the shred i think, will take some ibuprofen first :D:D

bye for now


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took a nose dive last night!! bottle of red wine, 2 pks of crisps and mini hummous.

can't believe i did it :confused::confused:

but being so cross with myself should help me for the rest of the week.:break_diet:
it did last week :break_diet:

i wonder all the time how much i could lose if i stuck to the plan aaalllll week.
im gonna do it one of these days!!:rolleyes:


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right just signed up for race for life with my sister

thats a positive move lol:D:D

gonna do 30 day shred when i get my granddaughter evie in her high chair for her lunch

she is being v. bad today, keeps going in the kitchen and putting my oven on:confused::confused:
little minx!! but she does keep me running around:mad:

see you later


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well i haven't done my diary for 2 days

why not? i'll tell you why not cos i fell off
big style and now i feel baaaad!!

i was more in control last week than this, maybe its because my monthly came, i dont know.
i've been ok 2day so far and sun and mon are usually easy for my as the wi is not far away.

i need to be good on a tues and wed cos thats wots letting me down. and when i get to the weekend its just sooo tempting to be bad.
i am gonna try this week, no alcohol or treats till friday (i've heard this all before you know)
but the wedding is in 11 weeks and i neeed to frame myself

night all


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dear diary
god i feel rough, had a tummy bug just when im starting with a chest infection.

so i havent done my shred dvd since sun afternoon and i didnt eat anything yesterday.

so i went to get weighed this morn and had lost 1.5lbs :confused::confused:

so a lucky escape me thinks cos i really was baaad last week ;)

bye for now


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good morning diary,

feel alot better today :)

just filled my slow cooker with a stew for tea (bought slow cooker after reading about them on minimins)

next i im gonna do my 30 day shred dvd (bought after reading about it on minimins)

i think this website has helped me alot, i think i was getting a bit board of dieting, doing the same things all the time. maybe thats a good hint, make a few changes now and then, helps i am sure :):)

off to shred!!!


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Hope you don't mind me popping in to say hello :wavey:

I think you are doing really well. You can obviously do this as you lost weight before Xmas. Also it was * week this week so to lose 1.5lbs is absolutely fab :happy096:


hollys nan

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Hi cathiec, sounds as if youre doing OK. Sorry to hear about not seeing your little granddaughter so much, I am a nanny too and I understand how you must feel. However, keep to the slimming plan and you will get there! You had a good loss, keep going and you will look great for the wedding:):)


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you are very welcome to read my diary :D

thankyou for your comments

i know that people are sometimes looking at my dairy but when people actually care enough to comment ahh that is a good feeling.

its wot this web site is all about init??!!

thanx cathie Xxx


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keep going cathie, once you get you head into starting you will, sometimes it just strikes you one morning & you will be determined, i know myself until that lightening bolt happens it's not going to happen. once i decided id hit rock bottom (weightwise) i cracked on & lost 2 st in my 1st 3months then anothe stone over the next two months, so it can be done.
however ........ i stopped going to class in september & old habits crept back ive put 2stone back on but were all human & im back on sw again as i have a holiday on june 1, last year i even lost 4lbs on a two wk holiday to turkey, so if you want badly enough to be slim for the wedding it can be done :) good luck & keep up with the diary, im sure it will help keep you on track x


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hi there

since wi on tues i have been 100%!!

i know! no one is more shocked than me!!a usual week for me would be wine and a binge tues night after wi, then same again weds night and the rest of the week trying to pull it all back for the following tues :break_diet::break_diet::break_diet::break_diet:

i cant say hand on heart that all that is behind me, but i can say i am enjoying being good :):)

hope i can feel like this for a while, i am fed up of the knowin smiles when it gets to my turn for image therapy at sw class:whistle:

just gonna SHOCK em all and lose every week till April 30th!!

sammi.g if your lookin in cheers:) and we've booked turkey for may this time. hopefully 2 weeks after my saras wedding i will be lying on lara beach (cocktail in hand, sun burnin down, size 12;)) overcome with relief!!!!

night all :hug99:

cathie XX


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your'e welcome ! at least turkey is easy to stick to sw
turkish breakfast.....ideal 4 sw all them boiled eggs etc lol, cheese (hexA) no olives !
loads of fruit for the beach as too hot for anything else !!
lentil soup...starter...ignore the bread its the devil in disguise
meatballs,chicken kebab, fillet steak all with rice(no chips) oil in rice but allow for it as half an (hexB)
occasional ice cream/ treat
have a night off & have everything u fancy, but just one & i bet ull lose weight like i did.....4lb in two weeks & use ur syns for alchohol if u drink


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dear diary

well fell off it abit last night :(
went for a night out with some old school friends, it was a birthday (we are all 44 this year!!) i had a great time, lovely to see everyone. synned it up this morning

1/2 lager
1/2 cider (drank for linda cos she couldn't ;))
2 G&Ts
1 double G&T
1 glass of shiraz 250ml
big mac meal

i got 51 syns
not tooo bad usually do a lot worse :D

so back on the plan 100% til tues wi and i should be ok

fingers crossed

cathie XXX


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monday morning and i am dreading 2moros wi!!!

went out for a meal last night with oh:candledinner:
and 2day my youngest tom is 12 so probs be eatin out again

but i was good at the beginning of the week so i could sts :whistle:

well i just have to face the music and stick to it this week 100% cos i've got nothing planned.
and i need to restart my 30 day shred cos since i've been poorly i ain't done it, been doing my wii fit instead cos its easier. i might try doing both.

readin this through its just a list of excuses not a diary :confused:

bye for now off to put my head in oven

cathie xxx


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good morning diary,

well i have just chickened out of wi and decided to go into work early instead!!:(

wot a failure i am this week :(

after meal out with oh on sunday i then ended up going out again last night :(:(

my son was 12 yesterday and he wanted to go for a curry :sigh: so we did :eek::eek:

but there is no bdays till mine now in 5 weeks, so i should have a clear run at it. i do so want to lose a stone before my birthday :cry::cry:

on my scales i've put @ 4lbs on but i'm not movin my ticker til its official on sw scales (hopefully i can get it off before nxt wks wi and not have to move it at all;))

now i just have to stick to the plan and have no alcohol for 7 days :8855:!!

rant over now i'm off to work!

bye for now

cathie xx


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hello all

well my chest infectio n took a turn for the worse yesterday and i ended up at the docs
i've got acute broncitus so no wonder i couldn't do my exercise and felt like s***!!
so im on antibiotics and off work for a week. :cry::cry:

on the plus side, i cant drink :sigh: and if im at home a week i can plan my meals better.

speak to you soon

luv cathie xx