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cathy's diary...is starting to TRY maintain...oh crap lol


nearly there!! :)
ok, ive been on this a couple of weeks now and purposally didnt start a diary because i didnt know if i could keep the weight watching up, but first month over with so going to start one now!!

ok my name is cathy, im 19 and have a little 3yr old!! i live with my fella in carlow!! im studying accounting in college and passed all my exams so going into sec yr in sept. That will be my last year in the cert course, but transfering to the degree after that!!

iv always been around a size 14-16 but when i had my son i blew up!! between a combo of the implanon and slight postnatal dep!!
i started ww in oct 2006 weighing 15st 12lb!! :eek:
i currently weigh 13st 13.5lb, and have decided im ww too long and faffing about. iv taken breaks in between and tried cd and lipotrim but made my mind up to stop doing these because they dont work for me!!

i have set my self a challenge for july, to loose 7lb!!
i only measure myself every month so currently my measurements are:
chest: 36inc -2 inc
waist:41.5inc -3inc
hips: 40 inc -2.5
arms: r: 12 inc L: 11.5inc -1.5
thighs: r: 22inc L: 22 inc -1.5
calf:R: 16 inc L: 16.5 -1.5

i weigh in on a tues night!!

this week i have a party on sat so hoping to stick to 20 points a day saving 3 (usually on 23) but if i can i will save a bit more!!
i walk every where and usually go for an hour walk every day but i dont count bonus points i just leave them!!
i try use my wii fit every nite but only usually do the boxing and step ones!!
and i do 100 situps a day!! (try get rid of my baby belly haha)

promise to keep up with the writing but my fella is only home on sundays bcause he works long hrs (hes a farmer) so dont spend long on this on suns!!!

feel free to add comments i try not to bite!!
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Im just me!
S: 13st13lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.9%)
Hello hun,good luck and well done so far,its easy if you stick to it,im at goal and keep messing around all the time you no what i am like!
ahny help we can be just ask x


nearly there!! :)
oh dont worry ill hollar!! my biggest thing is diet coke. i know its 0points but i really drink wayyyyyyyyy too much!! im trying to drink at least 3litres of water a day and try 3 cans a day!! i really want to try and kick the diet coke habit!!


Going From Flab to FAB!
S: 15st10lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st4lb(1.82%)
hey ! ,, great stuff youve started a diary :) brilliant! ... i love reading all the diaries! .. I am a diet coke fiend to! i just cant kick the habit! ... xxx


Needs to stick to it!!!
Hello my tueday clubber lol....100 sit ups!!jeeze uve way more energy then me lol!!!! Good luck with everything hun...look forward to keepin up with your diary :)
ahh you've a little one the same aged as mine,cept he's a boy!!!lol...


is going to loose!
S: 83kg C: 80.8kg G: 72kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 2.2kg(2.68%)
Welcome Cat!

Hope I managed to guess your name correctly. Best of luck and looking forward to reading your diary. Lots of water and well done on all the exercises.



nearly there!! :)
haha mags i obviously didnt say it but ive a son too haha his names taigh!! hes the best little thing in the world!! hes my little **** and my fellas my big **** haha!! he looks after me and makes sure when daddys giving him a kiss goodbye that mammy gets one to haha!!
his new thing is his fascination with his wee wee!! he keeps going to me "i like ur wee wee mammy!!" haha and iv a tattoo of my fellas inital on my knickerline and he does be delighted when he sees it haha!!
the situps i feel silly doing them and the first couple of days i dont think they do any thing but after the first week i can feel it in my stomach!! i do 50 first then an hour later i do another 50!!


nearly there!! :)
thanks every one for the support, i love coming on here ( i should be cleaning now haha) and will try not bore ye all with my ramblings!!#

yup bren my names cathy, haha i love the feeling after the exercise so gonna try keep it up!!! and feel so much better when drinking water but my tap water is tasting yucky so may keep to the bottled water (its nicer any ways)!!


Me on the right! x
Hey Catz... welcome and good luck with WW! We're a nosey bunch so keep posting!! :)
Impressive with the sit-ups... you have to love the feeling the next day when you can't move! Ha! x


nearly there!! :)
love it i have to say it doesnt affect me the next day...does that mean i should be doing more?? ive done 70 already to day so prob try for bout 150 today just to keep them up for the week!!
went to the big blue barn with my little lad yes and got on the stuff with him...best workout ever i was so bet after it and from crawling around my thighs were on fire to day haha

karen i have to say i would recommend it when i started ww i didnt measure myself and was raging after the first month because i was concentrating on the scales too much... least this way its a once in month treat spec if ive lost weight all month.
i only measured myself yes for my first motnh loss (was ww for june) and i lost 5lbs and 4.5inc!! it was deadly seeing the difference, and this way i mightnt loose motivation if im seeing the results in the tape too!!


nearly there!! :)
ill try convert as many people as possible haha
ok its 8 o clock, ive stuck to my points, drank 7litres of water :), done 150 situps, my 2hr walk this morning, and now going to do 15 (if i can more) mins on the wii....stepping and boxing!!!

todays been good haha
hope every ones doing ok!! i also plan on sitting down after the biggest looser and reading everyones diary, i still havent managed to do it even though i have been here ages!!!


nearly there!! :)
ok day 2!!!
didnt save points yes but thats not a prob, i ate bcause i was hungry so thats better than tormenting myself!!!
todays going grand, didnt get my walk in cause the babs home (goes to a creche 3days a week) and it was pissing, so ill go for one in the morning!! points wise going grand only used 13.5 so far and only having cereal for dinner (not a big dinner person), so plan on saving 3points to nite!!
i need to save 13 points for my drink on sat nite, 1 for the red bull and 12 for the vodka ha!!!ill try save about 4 to morro, and then ill eat low stuff and no snacking on sat!!!


nearly there!! :)
yup weirdly i did ha! starlight im weird when it comes to drinking water!!! i got into the habit of drinking so much when i did lipotrim bcause on that you have to drink on average about 6litres (more if u can)!!
but yet to day so far iv only had to litres!! ive another 3 in the fridge and will have that drank before i go to bed!!
i have serious probs between recognising hunger signals and thirst signals and thats the reason im overweight!!
before i started dieting, i only drank after i ate (and that was only to wash it down ha) and any time i was actually thirsty i ate!! so now, i drink alot!!
when im in college i constantly have a litre bottle of water in my hand and can go through about 5litres from 9 till 4 in the day!! only probs i have is i wee alot haha

ok long rant bout nothing but anyways haha :)
S: 15st2.0lb C: 14st12.0lb G: 12st0.0lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 0st4lb(1.89%)
Glad things are going well. I can't even imagine drinking that much water, I'd never leave the loo.....actually that could be a good thing, as I'd never get to the kitchen to eat things I shouldn't! lol



nearly there!! :)
oh no...u still manage to get there to only thing is ya go through loads of tissue haha :) i like leaving a couple of litres til round this time though cause the babs in bed and fella only on way home so this keeps me full for the hour in between!!

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