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CD and breastfeeding


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Hi there, i'm currently breastfeeding my 6 month old twins and want to join CD, has anyone got any advice on how to work this for me please? Theyre now weaning and on 3 meals a day so theyre feeding maybe 6 times in 24hrs. I see on the CD website that you are able to use cd products whilst feeding but shouldnt be sole source of nutrition as bfing mums need >1000kcals per day. Wondering how to work this, i do have about 20 food packets left over from doing cd before i fell pg't so looking to combine packs with low carb meals to bump the kcals. Anyone experience of CD and bfing? Thank you lovelies xx
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i was told and thought that you couldn't breastfeed and do cd. i had to stop feeding my 10 month old to do cd. remember that it's your body that will suffer from lack of nutrition as the baby (6mth old) will take it all first.


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Thanks for replying. I'm on my phone and cant post the address but i read on the cambridgedietusa.com FAQs this;
"Can a woman who is breast-feeding use Cambridge products? There is no reason why a breast-feeding mother should not use Cambridge products. The products contain all the vitamins and minerals necessary to promote good health in both the mother and the child. However, we do not recommend that the products be used as the sole source of nutrition while breast-feeding. Calorie intake while breast-feeding should not be less than 1,000 calories per day."

Hmm..... I was planning on using my 4 packs + supplementing with a low carb meal to boost kcals. Why do they give differing advice? Meh :( xx
are you in the states, minx?

medical advice, the CD products, and therefore rules about how to do cd are different over there.
this is what the UK site says..

1. Why are pregnant or breast feeding women advised not to use Cambridge?

Any woman who is pregnant, breastfeeding or who has given birth in the last three months cannot use a Cambridge programme.
Pregnant and lactating women require increased levels of protein and energy, and are advised to follow a diet rich in lean protein, whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables. In pregnancy, care has to be taken not to exceed intakes for some micronutrients especially vitamin A.
Every pregnant woman should be seeing a dietician who can advise on the suitability of various dietary approaches.
Pregnant women cannot use any products as part of a programme or as a nutritional supplement.

Cambridge Weight Plan: Consumer FAQs: Medical Queries: Why are pregnant or breast feeding women advised not to use Cambridge?


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Thanks :) i did see this after i realised the uk and usa advice differed. So annoying when they group us bfing women in with the pregnant ones though! Only one of those points applies to me, the part of the needing a balanced diet :-/ is that them saying that cd isnt balanced? ;-) i've got my left over sachets to experiment with anyway, i'm gonna maybe try 3 sachets a day + a couple of protein rich, good fats, calcium rich, rainbow coloured (low carb) vegetables for maybe 2 meals worth about 1000kcals (for both). If i can keep within 1500kcals (what i need to keep good quality milk) to get a good loss, be using cd food packs to ensure fine amount of nutrients, and keep myself in ketosis to keep hunger away - all at the same time, i think i might be winning. Any thoughts as to why this might not work? Thanks for your help x
I think the point is. Ketosis and baby are not comparable. Try weight watchers until you stop feeding.
Aniyah said:
I say go for if your milk suffers then stop it didnt hurt my milk supply and im still bfing and ssing.
That doesn't mean it's right. The rules laid down by CD are for a reason if you choose to ignore their advice that's one thing but for something so important it's wrong to advise someone else to ignore the guidelines. If Cambridge say you shouldn't breast feed and SS there's clearly a reason for it. They're not going to advise people to stop buying their products unless it's totally necessary.
Thanks, good to hear of someone thats doing cd and ss. I'm doing ss but also having 2 x 500kcal protein and salad/fresh green veg/nuts/cheese meals, snacking on babybels and laughin cows so basically eating looooads of calcium, proetien and vitamin rich foods worth about 1000kcals + my 3 shakes so cant really say i'm lacking nutrients, or even kcals, to feed my wee monkeys. Been giving them a bottle of formula before bed and formula milk to make up their teatime weetabix so really cut down on breastfeeding. I've been researching ketosis whilst bfing and lots of evidence that ketones dont really addect breastmilk in any way and like you say, i'll keep a close eye on my supply and keep myself super hydrated. I'm aware that the uk guidelines dont advise that we do cambridge whilst bfing but as a practice nurse i know how super, and sometimes, over stringent uk NICE/gov guidelines are and of course i will stop doing cd completely should i suspect any dodgy shinnanigans afoot. Anyways, i'm on day 3 of 1500kcals (inc 3 food packs) and bought ketosticks today and showing +++ketones(!) I was a bit thirsty so probably not quite so many as that hehe :) feel really good, got that lovely ketone energy burst this afternoon, yay! Looking to just do cd for a month, lose about a stone (excluding glycogen/water loss) in time for the festive season. Hope youre all having a lovely weekend xx

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