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CD and exercise


I WILL be thin!!
Do any of you exercise as well as take the CD? I'm the world's laziest person. I'm on my feet a lot as a nurse and have always maintained, whatever diet I was on, that I would/could only lose weight by dieting as I hate exercise. Do any of you exercise and do you find it helps with your weight loss??
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Going for Goal!
I use a workout game on the wii, called "wii fitness coach" I find it very good, and I know as well as burning calories that I am toning myself up and giving my skin a better chance of bouncing back!

Good luck, Hugs x x x
Hiya many people find that on such a tiny amount of calories in SS, it is not possible to do to much exercise, especially int he early days.
I am always really cream crackered!

However, I and many people do so toning exercises, gentle stiff just to help with toning things up as the fat comes off quick...

Its easy to look saggy for a while as the fat shifts and it takes a while for tightening to occur, so you might want to consider something like this in a while.



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Emma, is it a good programme on the wii, i was thinking about getting the new one thats advertised with the stretchy bands.
I really must dust off the wii and get some exercise done.

Big H

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If you don't already exercise, I wouldn't start whilst on CD, I'd wait until you finish. It may affect your ability to stay on the diet because your body is craving more fuel.


tbh I find during my placements (student nurse) that the shifts more than cover my exercise requirement, between walking and all the moving and handling.

I don't do anything extra on top, if I do its no more than a wee 30-345 minute stroll.
I exercise but i did before i started CD. 30 min on treadmill at a brisk walk and some toning exercises too. but for sure if i up the cardio it makes me hungrier so i plan to keep it the same until im nearer to goal. If your not used to it, then ease yourself into it slowly. for sure the long hours of nursing would count as something.


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I don't exercise much to be honest, but that's cos when I find spare time I try to study as I'm starting exams this week. But when they're over I'll be getting back into my Wii Fit, and I'll get a toning DVD and try to do that most nights. I've become very flabby, alot more than when I was heavier so I'm alot more paranoid about my body now than I was. But this will change with exercise (I hope).


WILL be Slim!
i have the Wii fitness coach and it is far superior to Wii fit!! Its more based on what you can and cant do, areas of the body etc! I much prefer that than all the bs surrounding Wii fit....Wii fitness coach is £10 rather than £70 for wii fit and 100 times better! Wii fit is FUN...but not FIT!
Just got myself a hula hoop and hula hoop dvd - as tthe weight is not going from my hips grrrrr !! but i see this as light exercise
hubby did buy me a spin bike as i have always wanted one but i only do 20 mins light cycling on it, i was not very active before cd so take it easy

with you walking around the hospital being a nurse ti am sure that helps with toning your legs and bum some people do a light swim once a week i migth start this once i feel more confident to put on a swimsuit

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