cd counsellor let me down!!!


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i need to get another cd counsellor, mine is not good. she lives 9 mines away from me, i have a 3mnt baby and 18mnth so when i joined her she said she wud deliver the packets, i got 3 wks supply from here the first time i met and by reading everyones threads i realise the first meet shud have been more than that!
she did not weight or measure me i just signed a form she took a cheque and asked how much i wanted to loose and gave me a rough time span that it would take!:(
i called 10days ago and put another order in as she said i had to callin advance. i now have run out of everything apart from 5 strawberry shakes and she still not delivered! today she said her husband has taken the car to work and she wont be able to come till later what ever that means.... so i skiped breakfast(as no porridge) and still waiting she wont give me a time. bet she wont come!! need to find another one as dont want to come off the diet as its so hard to get back on again!:mad:
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Where do you live. I am in ealing and my councillor is blooming amazing and is the main reason I have lost 40lbs in 7 weeks. There are lots of amazing cdc out there so dont worry - you will find the right one.


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Hi Blush
Personally, I`d have a strawberry shake now, if thats all you`ve got left, otherwise you may get so hungry you give in to temptation.

Do you have anyone who could go to her just to collect this last order?
Then at least you`ve got some supplies and it gives you a bit of breathing space to find a new CD.

Personally, I think if she arranged to come to you and now doesn`t have the car, SHE should sort out a lift.
Get rid, she doesn`t deserve you as a customer.

I changed CDC a few weeks in (back in March/April) because even tho I was travelling miles to her, she often forgot appts (and I had to deal with her hubby !)or she was out of stock of practically everything !!!

Since then, I`ve had a fab lady, that ALWAYS has everything I need and is brilliant !
Good Luck, but have a shake now to stave off the hunger.


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How awful hun :( I'm so sorry to hear the dilemma you are in.

The telephone number for CD is 0800 161412 - they will take your postcode from you and find you a suitable CDC. It may be worth letting them know about your experience with your current CDC.

My initial appointment was about an hour. My CDC sat down with me and went through EVERYTHING. This is all part of the cambridge diet, and you are entitled to the same treatment as everyone else hun :)

I hope it gets sorted for you soon. Let us know how you get on.

Hugs x x x

lunar jim

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Hi Blush! I agree, you're going to have to have your three shakes today at some point for your required nutrition and like Macy says, you don't want temptation knocking on your door!

Thinking of alternatives (if you can't get to your CDC and you have to wait to switch to another), can you get to a local shop and buy some deaded Slimfast or Atkins bars or similar? Not ideal, but it might be enough to keep you from blipping through no fault of your own?


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Blush, thats disgraceful behaviour by your CDC! You desperately need to find another one, and deserve to be treated FAR better than you are.

I travel to mine, but she was recommended to me by a friend. Its not too far, shes spot on with my appointments and orders, and always has time for me. I know some deliver and come to your house, but I prefer going to them. Shes not the nearest one to me, but is the best!!

Good luck with finding someone new, and I would definately speak to cambridge about it, it may save someone else the ordeal you have been through.

All the best hun


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You still in Blackburn, hun? (I'm a trained investigator ;) can you tell?)

Any of these Cambridge Diet: Welcome to Cambridge Diet any good?

(PS, don't panic - I searched back through your posts, that's all... :D)


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thankyou all for your advice i had 2 shakes n add a meal with some chicken n broccoli, she dropped off the 3 wks supply today her husband drove her so it was a quck hand over shakes for cheque,
omg lilly yes i am in blackburn! thanks all for the website i got 2 numbers off there hopefully will get a nice cd who will call t see how im doing etc etc
once again thanks all xxx


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I really feel for you! What a disgrace. Hope all goes well for you. xxx Get a new CDC, mine is fab, I woudl recommend but I am in London!


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LOL, glad my detective work was useful. I think you wrote it in your very first post... :D

Well, at least you've got 3 weeks supply now, so that gives you some time to vet some new CDCs.

Hope you find someone really good, hun. I'd be lost without mine - she's fab.

(Course, I have to say that cos she might be reading this! ;))