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CD & Metabolism (also: counsellors in Edinburgh?)


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I'm thinking about doing the CD - I have about 4 stone to lose. However, I'm a bit worried about what happens afterwards. I've read people on forums/blogs saying that their metabolism never returns to normal and as soon as they start to eat actual food - poof! - they're back to the start. I know that there needs to be real adjustments to diet in order to maintain, but my fear is that I might never be able to eat like a "normal" person again without all the weight piling back on. Is this really the case?

Also, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for counsellors in Edinburgh?

Thanks in advance, and good luck everyone :)

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sorry to gate crash your thread, but I'm also very interested in this question!

could you magical people in the know also answer this.. once you've got to goal, do you have to stay away from carbs for ever? or (if done gradually enough) can you say, maintain on the slimmers world programme or something similar? thanks for all your valuable info!
The Cambridge diet doesn't only consist of a very low calorie meal replacement diet.

There are five 'steps' in the programme going from a very low calorie meal replacement step [SoleSource], through steps containing various quantities of real food, to a 1,500 calorie maintainance programme you can follow once you've reached your goal. You might choose to keep using some Cambridge products to help with this, or not. Your counsellor will advice which step or combination of steps is right for your diet.

Cambridge is not necessarily a low carb diet. Products contain 15+ grams of carbs so, even if you are SoleSourcing on three Cambridge products a day you are having 45 grams of carbs [Atkins suggests under 20]. The recipes for other steps include measured portions of high carb foods - they are definitely not forbidden!


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thanks very much for that moximc!! that helped clear that up for me :)
Hi Peapod

I lost 4 stone on CD. Once sole sourcing comes to an end then you would move up the stabilisation plans, these plans introduce food gradually. Carbohydrates are gradually introduced too so that the bodies glycogen stores are replaced at a slow rate and therefore no weight gain is noticed. In fact because the plans are still quite low calorie, youll find that you still continue to lose weight.

Once your at goal your body will not need as much energy as it did when you were heavier, therefore you'll find that your calorie intake will be far less than at your heavier weight. I am 5'3 and I find that if I stick to around 1800 cals a day I stay at goal weight.

I think that it dosent really matter which diet you lose the weight on, if you resume old eating habits you'll regain weight.

I hope I've helped a little and I wish you every success on whichever diet you chose.

Yes this diet does lower your metabolism, just like any other diet so a good exercise regime including weight training will help raise a sluggish metabolism.

The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you will burn idle.
24. Does this type of diet slow down my metabolism?
Yes. Is the slowing permanent? No, it’s temporary. Anytime you cut calorie intake to lose weight, your metabolic rate will gradually slow down. This is a normal physiologic response to a lower caloric intake; it’s on of the evolutionary adaptations which have assured survival of the individual (and humans in general) in times of famine. This "starvation-adaptation" mode is coded in our genes. Once you begin to eat more, your metabolic rate will rebound to a normal level.

Just found this:)

Everyone's metabolic rate can change, it can be lowered by dieting and lack of exercise. It can also be highered by healthy eating and regular exercise.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I think I will definitely be giving the diet a go, even just as a kick-start for a few weeks. All I know is that I can't stay like this much longer without losing my last remnants of self-esteem :cry:

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