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CD muffins anyone have the technique?


Gone fishing
Cambridge Diet Police Alert! LOL

I'm afraid you are not allowed to 'cook' the packs as it can spoil the vits and minerals. Tetras are great to take to work, or the shakers, or new whisks if you prefer to keep to the powders.

Then of course, shortly you get the bars :clap:


Gone fishing
Just to add. The shakes are designed to be just that...shakes and the mix a mousse is designed to be just that...to mix to the shakes to make mousse.

They aren't formulated to be muffins, crisps, icecream or anything else like that.

Products that need cooking, such as porridge has been given extra vits and mins to allow for this.

Not getting at you Trash as I realise you didn't know, just using this opportunity to get the facts out there :)

There is actually a sticky on this forum for "recipes" for things like muffins, crisps, icecream, fudge cake etc. I have read many posts over the past few years about cooking packs but I'm with KD on this -And I never could see the logic in making weight loss packs into the very things that made me need to lose weight in the first place!

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