CD unrelated question...


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Bit of a random 1 but I wondered if some of you could help.

I have tried google but it doesn't seem to be working on my phone for some reason.

I wanted to did out if nappies go out of date?

As I am losing the weight to try for a baby I would like to try and get odd bits here an there to easy the pennies when I go finally fall pregnant. As adsa hav the baby event again I was thinking of getting some boxes of nappies but wasn't sure if they had a use by date.
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i wouldn't think so. however, they would write it on the box. personally i would wait until you are pregnant. i choose to use cloth nappies and save myself a fortune as well as keeping the chemicals and gels away from my kids. i'm on my 2nd child with them have probably saved myself around £1200 over the years. the things to buy would be wipes (even i use these), body suits, sleepsuits, mittens, socks, a couple of sleepbags, even plain outfits that are gender neutral. however, be aware that when you have your baby and it's a girl you'll want to put them in pink and blue for a boy.


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The other thing is you may have a preferred brand once you start using them

They'll have offers on again!! Xx