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CD v Lipotrim

Hi all,

I hope you are all doing great. I've not been about here much as my husband has been back home!!

I'm still on the Lipotrim and still being good! My weight loss has slowed down loads! Last week i only lost 3lb.......does anyone else have this slow losses??

Anyway.....i am thinking of changing over to CD.....i was just wondering if they are the same/similar calorie and carb content??

I know LT is 425 calories and 45g carbs a day.....how does that compare against CD?

Seeing as my weight loss has really slowed down and i am getting so bored with LT, i can see myself going to pot soon, so thats why i think i need a change.

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Hi Sarah Jane - 3lb a week is FINE and is what you should expect!!! You should have been told by your pharmacist that the loss is 2-4lb a week. You cannot expect to be losing the same amount as you did your first week because that was water and glycogen, not all fat, you are now losing all fat!

CD is better in that is has more variety, other than that is basically the same. You also have AAM week every 5th week whch will help your metabolic rate. However, the rate of loss is still the same. There's no faster way to lose weight than a VLCD...
Add a meal .... you have a small amount of protein - chicken/fish/cottage cheese/quorn or tofu and veg or salad.

CD has more flavours in shakes/soups/bars and tetras (ready made up shakes) plus you get a CDC, but it's what suits you.

3lb is fine for a weekly loss - try looking at a monthly loss of 1 stone - and think that is 3.5lb per week. So some weeks you might lose 3lb others 4lb - but you'll end up losing a stone a month in total.
Any VLCD like Cambridge is more in the head than anything else .... so if your head is not in the right place it won't work as well. That said dependant on what you'd normally eat, it may limit the damage.

As to how many times I've fallen - OMG I have given up counting!! My first time round I lost 4stone in 4months - motorway, never stopped for anything. Maintained nicely for 6months or so, then had a disasterous time with family problems and went back to comfort eating. Have tried many times to get back on wagon ... and do reasonably well - then slip. At the moment I feel strong - and hopefully can stay focused and lose it ... but if not I'll keep on trying. It is the scenic route this time - with stops to admire the scenery ... but the point is to get back in the car after the stop and resume the journey. I do believe I'll get there eventually.

If you are going to have a gap - then try doing 790plan meals or Atkins style where you eat plenty of protein, fish/chicken and salad or veg. Then you may feel ready to SS again and if you haven't added loads of carbs to your body you'll find it easier.

Good luck.
Well there is no more to add as Beverley has covered it all......but if you are not in the right place mentally to do the diet you will not succeed.
The key to these diets are not to cheat and although a fair few of us have slipped (me included) it is very hard to get back on the straight and narrow.

Hope you can get sorted soon
I did try and do 790 there for a bit but Im eating normally again now. Not eating frys in the morning etc and have cereal and toast but not really cutting the carbs. I might try that though and see what happens but im going out for dinner on Monday night as Im goint to Gwen Stafani concert in Belfast so maybe I will try again after that til xmas!

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