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CD Veterans and CDCs - opinions please!


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I thought I'd post this here and gauge opinions on whether it seems realistic or not. Has anyone done four rounds of 12 weeks SSing (with one week of break between) and lived to tell the tale? :)

This is what I have so far. It's long so if you get through this and can help me with an opinion please know it's much appreciated and I thank you muchly.

I've been toying with some mini-goals for the past week but I think I am on to something now. I know that SSing for a long period of time is risky but with my weight, I will have to do so for at least a few months.

With that in mind, I will do 12 weeks of SS and then 1 of AMAM (is it 810 or 1000?) and then another round and then another.

This is more or less calculated with an average loss of 1 Kg (2lbs) per week so I don't think it's unrealistic at all, right? - Weight is in kg, sorry-

Goal 1: By end of Jan BMI of 44.5 and weight at 114
Goal 2: By VD, BMI of 43.7 and weight at 112
Goal 3: By end of Feb, BMI of 43 and weight at 110
Goal 4: By end of 12 weeks SS round on the 8th of April BMI of 40 weight at 104
Goal 5: Go through the SS+ or 1000 kcal week without adding more than 2 kg (106 kg)- Do complete blood work to establish I'm well and truly healthy at the end of it
Goal 6: By end of June be under 100 kg!!!!
Goal 7: By end of 12 weeks SS round, on the 15th of July BMI of 34.9 and weight at 89 -
Goal 8: Buy Jeans!!!
Goal 7: Not put on more than 2 kg in SS+ or 1000 week and do blood works.
Goal 8: By end of next 12 weeks SS - 21st of Oct - BMI of 29 - NO LONGER OBESE!!! - weight at 76
Goal 9: Go through IVF and get pregnant at that point -OR- not gain more than 2 kg in SS+ week and do all health tests
Goal 10: At the end of 12 weeks on 30 Jan 2010, BMI of 24.6 and weight at 63 - NORMAL WEIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIFE!!!

Goal 11: For the next 2 months, exercise like mad and get to Step 3 and 4 to stabilize my weight with food intake and exercise

Goal 12: 30th of March - DONE and maintaining - undergo IVF - give birth to healthy baby/babies and then lose all the baby fat and return to my health program!

Goal: Use this year to learn all there is to learn about nutrition and exercise to better help myself live healthily and keep it off!!!

I am of course hoping this was an exaggeration on the low side and I will get there faster but I want to be prepared that this journey may take me over a year. Which is not bad, one year is nothing as compared to the first THIRTY in which I did not love me enough to work on me and as compared to the following tens that I will go through skinny and healthy and happy!
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Staying on plan!
go for it hun.....
if you want it enough, you will do it.....
All you can do is your best. Its probably good to have goals as you have set out but don't worry if things don't go exactly as you have planned them. When I started it was 4 weeks of ss then a week of AAM. I still find it difficult when I start adding food though and went overboard over the previous 6 weeks as I had bronchitis and did not exercise or walk but still ate whatever I wanted. As I said do your best and you will get to where you want to be.


not so str8 or narrow!!
You have said "one year is nothing as compared to the first THIRTY in which I did not love me enough to work on me" which shows that you understand that the key to sucessful weight loss and maintenance has as much to do with emotional/mental work as it does the physical work of diet and exercise. My advice would be to not only "use this year to learn all there is to learn about nutrition and exercise to better help myself live healthily and keep it off!!!" but also work on understanding the emotional issues you have around food so that you can take control and keep on track forever. I found the best place to start was here
its also helps to read peoples blogs and see how they have worked on the mental and emotional side of their weight loss. Good luck - if i can do it so can you!


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Dragonfly thank you!

Adele - cheers for the link! I will start reading all there is to read. The reason why I am placing more emphasis on the physical side of things is that I'm a trained psychologist and have spent a fair amount of time trying to stay as objective as possible -granted, tough enterprise and probably inaccurate results- working out what of my eating is pathological. Best I can come up with, is that in all honesty I am not bulimic, don't have a close relationship with food, don't sneak to eat, no eating in the middle of the night, no dreaming of the fridge, don't eat for comfort as a rule -happens but very rarely-, am not obsessed with body image, etc. I am a gourmand though and if you ad to that a poorly working metabolism with a tendency for obesity AND most importantly, little nutritional education AND too little discipline, it adds up to a morbidly obese me!

I'll keep digging, maybe there are some deeply seated issues and I'm in denial but meanwhile I want to develop automatisms to help me with the discipline issue and learn enough to keep me from giving in to gluttony.
As long as you set your eyes on the prize, smile, laugh and joke along the way and never doubt yourself and let nothing and nobody stand in your way then anything is possible......

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