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CD vs LL vs LT


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hi all

i am looking into the above VLCD and i would just like a little info about them, i have got the general gist of them and i am more curious about the weekly/monthly prices of the above as i am on a very low income with several outgoings all ready!!!
can these diets be prescribed by the doctors on the NHS?

thank you

K xx
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I have never heard of vlcd's available on the nhs. A lot of doctors are completely against them so would probably try to encourage another weight loss route, having said that some gps are lovely and in favour of anything that will help their patient to get to a healthy weight.
I don't know much about Lighter Life, except that it is about double the weekly price of CD, so if you are on a limited income, Cambridge would probably suit you best. It is similar in that you have meal replacements, but you also have to attend a weekly group therapy session with Lighter Life. This is not everyones cup of tea, but it does work for others who like the whole group support thing.


please try again
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VLCD'S sadly arnt available on the nhs. but add up what you spend on your weekly shop, on drinks, snacks while out and about, meals out etc and im sure it comes to more than you think, doing Cambridge probebly isnt much more, for me i know it worked out at less


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I pay just under £40 per week for CD. My best friend is doing LL and she pays over £60 per week. Don't know about LT.

If the NHS prescribed CD I'll be making an appointment with my GP! But the again, like everything else (dentists, opticians) I've got to pay. But then i do have a job - so all's fair in love and war!! Although, i'm not sure what I'm paying my NI contributions for to be honest!!

I'd love to know whether anyone gets their CD paid for (or a contribution towards it).



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My GP fully supported my decision to follow a VLCD but could not be seen to endorse/promote one type over another, hence no funding and I had to cough up for mine. At first I was disappointed but after a while I realised that if I genuinely and whole-heartedly wanted to lose the weight the cost was irrelevant (within reason).

Like you, I am on a very low income but find that the amount I was spending on food is far greater than the amount I am currently spending on CD. Originally I opted for LT but, with no participating pharmacy nearby I changed tack and ended up on CD - the best decision I've ever made.

I discounted LL simply because I've heard it's more pricey than CD (not sure if this is true), plus an Aunt followed CD back in the 80's with amazing results. I'm glad I didn't go for LT in the end, I think I'd have found the flavours far too restrictive and have got bored very quickly (and therefore would have been more likely to cheat or give up altogether). Clearly, all three work well for most people, it really is a case of personal preference when it comes down to it.
Happy dieting!


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Also, one more thing and I'll go away, i didn't go to the Doctors for money to go the chip shop for my tea, so i can't see why we should ask for money to go a Diet club. I got myself into this mess and i'm the only one who can do something about it.

As people have mentioned previously, in the long run it probably works out cheaper on CD than buying food/takeaways/snacks.

I feel quite strongly about this one... i don't mean to sound harsh, but money is tight for most people in this current climate and we all have bills to pay.

Enough said. I'll be quiet now.


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LV i understand where you are coming from, but being a student and only able to work part time it is especially hard for me!
for me to add up all the money i spend on junk food, would be about £10 a month, i dont eat unhealthily, i just eat too much and to be honest i cannot afford to eat unhealthily either!

thank you to you all that contributed, i think i will take a peek into CD!!

K xx
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like you i am a student with a low income from a part time job- i do however find this to be a good financial option for me. Firstly the food that i was eating i guess it all adds up, and the drink- that makes a difference and i used to ffrequently go out to eat- so generally for me I have saved a lot of money. And i choose the more expensive option of getting cartons and bars - it works out about 1.80 a meal- which i consider student friendly :). Good luck x
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I lost my weight on CD and loved the products. I have struggled recently and now doing dietmeal for a few weeks (there is a section under celebrity slim on minimins.) Just ordered 28 shakes and 3 tetras for £34! There isn't as many flavours but it depends on how much you can afford. Good luck
Hi specialk, like you I only work part-time so I wouldnt spend extra on food as it would have been included in my rent/house keeping to Mum. However I still started CD a few months ago and I must say its the best thing I have ever done. Some month it costs £160 and other £200 (depends where payday falls) and is thus nearly half my income... However its so worth it.

When I visited my doctor (as I had a bmi of over 40) she would have preferred me to do LL because of the counselling. After I explained my financial state she said CD would surfice. I must add though where I live I know people who have been given free vouchers for slimming world if you need any help.

Good luck in your journey whatever you decide :D
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