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  1. Susie Tuesday

    Susie Tuesday Seriously???

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    Sole Source i have to buy 4 weeks worth of packs to keep me going for the whole month :eek:

    To be honest i can't afford it, of course she has to go on holiday but i thought that she would arrange for her clients to visit aniother CDC?

    Just wondering what other people's experiences of this was :confused:
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  3. Maz35

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    Hi, my CDC hasn't had a holiday yet while I've been seeing her but i would ring head office and get a list of other local CDC's. You can always visit one of them for 3 weeks to get your shakes. good luck x
  4. lindylou

    lindylou Silver Member

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    Mine let me pay for each week of her holiday with a post dated cheque so the money wasn't taken from my bank all at once - I couldn't afford to pay for it all at the same time either - and I came on here for the support I needed. :)
  5. bindiboo

    bindiboo Hi its me again

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    mine does the same........she is also going on holiday next week for 2 weeks so I have pre ordered my stuff and will give her post dated cheques
  6. fuzzyduck

    fuzzyduck Full Member

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    Surely though, with post dated cheques, she can't bank them until she gets back so the money will still all go out at the same time, just a couple of weeks later?
  7. kirsty2012

    kirsty2012 is gonna shine in 2009

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    mine has been on hols for 2 weeks will be another 11 days before i see her again and she gave me the products and i can pay her when she gets back
  8. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Depends where she is going on holiday. If she is in this country, she can probably bank them weekly rather than in bulk when she gets back.

    As a CDC, this is a difficult area. If you think about it, s/he has to "buy in" enough products to supply you for those four weeks that she is away, and for all her other clients so it can be a bit of a financial minefield.

    When I am on holiday for a week, I ask people to buy two weeks in advance, and explain that I know it can be difficult but as I have to find the money to buy the products in, I am in the same situation as they are!!

    So far, touch wood, it hasn't caused any major problems for my clients, although obviously I can appreciate there is a big difference between 1 week and 3.5 weeks.

    Have you spoken to her, asked if there is a way you can pay her weekly?? Perhaps by direct bank transfer into her account for the three weeks she is away?

    As for recommending another CDC to you, we don't have locuums as such. It might be worth seeing if there is someone else in the area that you can see while she is away, but remember this is 'holiday' season so you may find that they are a little scarce on the ground.

    Hope you manage to sort something out.
  9. JustJo

    JustJo Cambridge Counsellor

    I am about to go on my second holiday of the summer, although I only came back from my last one on Tuesday! This means that my clients have had to buy two weeks' worth two times in a row.

    3.5 weeks is an awful long time to be away, but, on the other hand, anyone in any job has holiday entitlement.

    My clients are always very understanding about my hols. I'd say that they're generally more concerned about the weigh-in (and support) they're missing whilst i'm away than the money aspect. I do always give everyone lots of notice however, as I give out letters/send emails with all my available and unavailable dates on well in advance.

    I am happy to accept post-dated cheques, although not many people bother with this. I know that often means the money will still be taken out of accounts all in one go when the cdc gets back, but at least the client can still put the payment in their bank week by week if they choose to.

    As DQ says, we don't have locums or 'stand-ins' - you could go to another cdc temporarily, but would need to fill out medical forms again. I know hols can be a pain for everyone, but, as i've said, cdcs are entitled to breaks as much as anyone else, so it's an unfortune inevitability!

    I hope you cope okay without your cdc for so long. At least you have the support of all the great people on minimins. :)

    Jo x
  10. fingers crossed

    fingers crossed Silver Member

    My CDC is away at th mo & I had to buy 112 packs at once! It was a bit tight at the time but at least I've not had to think about paying for a month & I've had loads of choice! Hope you get sorted.
  11. htpink

    htpink CDC

    When i had a two week holiday some clients had to buy 3 weeks worth because of the days their weigh ins fell on - a couple that found it tight i supplied all the products but they paid me for 2 weeks worth before i went and then 2 weeks worth when they came back.
  12. LAINEY

    LAINEY Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    I agree with the other CDC's - it can be awkward, but we need holidays too!
    My last holiday was over Xmas/New Year (and probably will be again this year :character00255:). I gave every client a few months notice, which gave them the opportunity to buy a few extra packs per week which would then add up to a full 2 weeks supply (or more) to keep them going until I returned! This was much more affordable to them instead of expecting them to pay 2-3 weeks up front. I also offered post-dated cheques, which gave them the chance to deposit the funds weekly, even though I'd bank them upon return. I think if you know in advance you're away for 2wks+, then most clients can afford to buy an extra 3 or 4 packs per week. If they choose not to, then paying full whammy is the only option. Of course, from a clients view, if your CDC doesn't tell you - you're pretty stuffed too which isn't very fair. :sigh:
  13. SARAHP

    SARAHP Silver Member

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    I also give a couple weeks notice so everyone can buy extra each week but its suprising how many still just buy 3 weeks at once! Sean.
  14. fatboynotyetslim

    fatboynotyetslim Full Member

    My CDC is currently on her hols and she was most kind and said I could see another CDC if I wanted too. I'm going away this weekend for a week too but I was ok paying for the 3 weeks worth of products I need whilst she then I go on holiday.
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