Celeb Slim/Slimmm VLCD?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Slim' started by Suze012, 17 October 2011 Social URL.

  1. Suze012

    Suze012 Silver Member

    I know celeb slim/slimmm is supposed to be a supplement for only 2 meals but was wondering if anyone has tried to use it for all 3 meals and how have they got on? Have your weight loses been as good as a normal VLCD. I was thinking about doing this solely for 5 weeks whilst also taking multivits. I have purchased Slimm which stupidly I thought was VLCD as it was very cheap its going out of date end of nov and after looking into it more, realised it wasn't a vlcd... whoops!

    Looking for opinions and feedback, thanks
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  3. Suze012

    Suze012 Silver Member

    Oh and what do you think of doing Slimm twice a day as normal and then main meal as a VLCD from either exante or Slim & Save.

  4. kirstymalone

    kirstymalone New Member

    I have done it replacing all 3 meals with the packs, I lost weight really fast.
  5. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    It's a bad idea. Celebrity Slim isn't a VLCD. You're not getting the nutrients etc your body needs. Don't be tempted to mess around with these diets like that. Only TFR diets like Cambridge/Exante etc should be used in place of all your meals
  6. kirstymalone

    kirstymalone New Member

    Ive been ok on celeb slim alone, I lost 8lb in 3 days and have more energy then ever. It's not much different to all the others. I lasted 2 and a half months replacing all my meals and was fine the last time, I'm back on it now after having a baby :)
  7. butter_on_toast

    butter_on_toast Silver Member

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  8. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Maybe you've been lucky but you don't know what harm you're doing. Celeb slim is not a TFR and it shouldn't be used like that.

    To recommend someone does is just irresponsible

    Why can't people just follow diets the way they're meant to be followed. If you want to do a TFR do something like Exante or Cambridge. Don't just make up your own and risk your health
  9. Suze012

    Suze012 Silver Member

    Well thanks for your response..

    I am going to do part Slimmm part Slim & Save. As in 2 Slimmm products a day and one Slim & Save.

    The person did not recommend doing this she told me about her experience which was what I wanted.

    I am not doing the other diets as they are expensive and did not want to spend that amount of money to find out I couldnt do it or didn't like there products and as mentioned I bought Slimmm thinking it was a VLCD.

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