Celebrity big brother starts tonight


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Hi everyone, :wavey:

hope you have all had a great christmas and a great start to the new year!

Does anyone actually enjoy watching these programmes because every one i seem to ask they hate it?

To be honest i watch celebrity big brother and big brother every year, i have to say i find them very amusing,:8855: my favourite was the one with little verne and coolio in.

Anyway for the ones who hate it this is the very last year they will be on. :cry:

It seems that this years is gonna be quite good by the sounds of it, kym marsh and vinnie jones and the dj basshunter are all meant to be in it this year but you cant believe everything they print in the papers i surpose. :hmm:
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it wasnt too bad but i dont knwo if i will have time to actually watch it lol


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I love celeb big brother, tho only got into it a couple years ago so didn't see the early ones! LOVED last year, Verne was fab and although I didn't think I'd like him Coolio was funny. I don't like the summer big brother mind, tend to stay well clear but did watch one year.

Didn't see any of the press rumours as to who was going in this year so last night was a total surprise and I must say I was quite pleased! Vinnie Jones should be brilliant!! Didn't know who Sov was but think she'll make good viewing, seems quite funny. Shame they didn't put Pete in there too, now that could've been funny lol! Looking forward to watching tonight. Just sad it's the last series :cry: Def the best celeb reality show going, I can't stand the likes of Get Me Out of Here!!!


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I must admit I have never watched either of them, nor I'm a Celebrity, they just do not appeal to me.


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i dislike it,

Mumma K

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I love both the celeb and the normal bb
I really always end up getting into it
Vinnie will be winning this year I think
I'm not sure about this lady Sov girl
bit of a chav if you ask me


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love big bother big brother is amazing. jonas is so cute. do you remember last year when verne was drunk and rammed into the diary room doooooor? oooo hehehehe ho


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i dont want it to ever end :(