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  1. bunnycd

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    OMG spent the whole of tonight doing some research on how to get rid of the excess loose skin that I have on my belly. Think I have found the answer which looks like it is connected to your body fat %. If this is under 10% then you will get rid of all the loose skin, which is what my CDC said! My CDC rocks and she's always spot on. Came across this interesting webpage which details the weight of celebs and their body fat. Take a peek it is shocking - a waist of just 22 Inches! OMG! Here is the link: Celebrity Body Fat (Female)

    Info on loose skin and how to get rid of it: The Myth of Loose Skin
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  3. bunnycd

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    Ok, I bought the book from the website above - and it is just a simple body fat calculator (waist x height). Read this in the mail for the best body fat measures, plus universities (e.g. Leicester) are giving away free body fat tests (see bottom link): Just how helpful are fat monitors? | the Daily Mail

    BBC NEWS | England | Leicestershire | Screening service gauges body fat

    Hope this helps those of you who want to find out your body fat. Anyone have any ideas on how to find out body fat - then please let me know. Thanks. xx
  4. AngieBabie

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    Thanks for the links Bunny. They make an interesting read. Angela x
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  5. morphing

    morphing Loving it!

    Thanks for your post Bunny, it was really interesting. Can't believe how small those stars are!! And well done on losing your 6 stone FOREVER, have you got and before and after pics???
  6. MadamDotty

    MadamDotty Back again!

    The Harcombe Diet
    Thanks for that Bunny - really interesting reading.
  7. fuzzyduck

    fuzzyduck Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    I have these.

    Buy IBP Body Fat Body Water Scale FS321W. at Argos.co.uk

    They were only £20 from argos and are really accurate. They register the same weight, no matter where in my house I use them. Even on carpet.

    The measure weight, body fat and water.

    I'd really recommend them.
  8. bluechick

    bluechick Full Member

    Hi there bunny, I am new to this site and just done my first week.

    I was just looking at your pics and you are an inspiration. going to keep the link to look at everytime I feel like eating. I have the same amount to loose as you and if I do that and look like you do in 4mths I will be over the moon. You must be so happy.

    Anyway i was thinking when looking at the pics that when I have lost all the weight will I have loose skin. Hope its not too personal but is there alot and how bad is it. You look alot younger than me - am 34 and had a c section after baby and i should imagine its easier for you to get rid of as your skin will have more elastic in it at this young age.

    Im going to go onto the link and get some tips. Ive started toning tables so hope that will help.
    Any advise greatful received.
  9. bunnycd

    bunnycd Full Member

    Thank you so much for your positive comments. I don't have any saggy skin apart from 4x4 inches on my belly. I am 29. This is more noticable when I bend down - you can grab it! Yuck! but when upright it just looks like wrinkles. I have spent hours researching how to get rid of it without surgery. My CDC's brother (I think) is a DR/medical professor at Cambridge. He said that the only way to get rid of any saggy skin is to get your BMI down to 18.9 then build it back up with a program like body for life. This way all the fat will be gone and lean tissue will replace it. Saggy skin is their because fat tissues are still under the skin and the skin thinks, Hey why should I shrink when you still have fat? I am taking my BMI down to 18.9 I know I will look cr@ p but hey, it will not be for long and then I will build myself up to BMI 22. I can't see how this method will be any different for you even though you have had a baby. Advice, don't worry about saggy skin it's well worth being thin. If this works I will let you know and post pics of my saggy tummy now and after (at BMI 18.9) to see the difference! Don't forget to cream EVERY time you have a bath or shower. Here is a pic I took 3 weeks ago - you can see my arms are ok and belly is not that bad upright:

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  10. bluechick

    bluechick Full Member

    WOW WOW you look great. Talk about flat tummy. I will be MORE THAN HAPPY WITH THAT. And you don't look 29 you lucky thing.

    When I was pg I used clarins toning shower, oil and cream and never got any marks on my tummy so will go and invest in some more of that

    Definately keep me updated on the skin info.


  11. bluechick

    bluechick Full Member

    p.s did you exercise during those 4mths on SS


  12. Sambucca

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    Bunny you look amazing. Hardly recognizable. well done on losing all of your excess weight in such a short time. You are an inspiration.
  13. bunnycd

    bunnycd Full Member

    Hi Lovely,

    No excercise apart from walking the dog 30 mins eveyday from half way through the journey (11 stone). I have joined the gym now but just got back from hols (2 weeks) in Portugal - eat and drunk normally and still lost 2.5lbs. I am now on 1000 cal and have started going to the gym twice a week (have not been this week! :eek: but I don't want to go mad until BMI goes down - as I don't want to replace fat with muscle, just need to loose the fat first. I will soon train to be a CDC so I can't wait! I think gym time is when you are at goal - to enable you to eat more, I read some research report from an american university that the gym does not make much difference to weight loss and it's a myth. If I find it again on google I will post link. Love bunny xxx
  14. bunnycd

    bunnycd Full Member

    Thank you so much xxxxxxx well done on your weight loss looks like you will loose it in no time xxx:party0019:
  15. bluechick

    bluechick Full Member

    Thats so great and given me such hope that I can shed this 6stone and look as good as you - yipee - roll on every month. You look like a different person - its amazing. I bet your friend and family don't believe it. My hubby will be VERY pleased if I look that thin !!! lol

    And without exercise - thats just so fab.

    You will definately have people flocking to your CDC sessions as you are an inspiration, they will only have to look at your before and after pics and that will motivate them all. I must say I wish my CDC had shown me ones of her before. She isn't overly motivational but I suppose you need to have the motivation in yourself to do it.
  16. bunnycd

    bunnycd Full Member

    That's the attitude! Every month you are on this you will get closer and closer by Oct and it will all be gone! Keep remembering that - and it will keep you going. You will find by week 2 everything will start to get easier, the longer your on it the easier it is. I can't wait for you and you know you can do it. Another thing that you may want to try which has helped me is to meditate on an episode of overeating, imagine yourself their as an outsider and think why you did it - that will provide you with the reason why you eat the way you did so you can change that part in your life. If you are starving then have protein (Chicken or cottage cheese) rather than anything else. When eating AAM eat slowley and stop when your full. I only now eat when I am hungry if that means not till 2pm then fine. Don't fall into this 3 meals a day - when you have finished your journey your body will tell you what it wants and when.

    This is an exciting time and you should be thrilled of your 10lbs loss which is super! Keep holding on, use this time to address why you gained weight in the first place so you never go back and keep in touch. Better go do some work now :eek:

    Love kisses bunny
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