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  1. C.J.

    C.J. I want to be slim !!

    Celebrity Slim
    Hi.. well ive not been on this site for over 2 years !!
    sadly im back on a new diet Celebrity slim..
    2 years ago i did CD with great results but sadly ive put 2 of the 3 stone i lost back on :cry:
    Cant face CD again so was told about celebrity slim by a friend at work.
    Ive done day one today with no problems at all, but i dont find the booklet very helpful on what foods you can and cant eat..
    Ive read that you can eat fridge raiders as a snack, is this true and if so is it a certain size bag you can have..
    does anybody have a full food list of do's and dont's ??
    any help would be fantastic.. is my food diary right for today:
    breakfast:CS shake
    lunch: CS soup
    dinner: salmon fillet and loads of veg,
    snack: half mango bar.

    thanks in advance xx
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  3. C.J.

    C.J. I want to be slim !!

    Celebrity Slim
    :-( nobody want to reply !!
  4. Odette

    Odette Member

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    Hi CJ,

    my story is similar and I too have decided to go with celebrity slim because I find meal replacements easier to handle but can not face 100%.
    I will start tomorrow and have decided to do 150 gr fish or meat plus salad or vegatables as my proper meal.
    I do not do well on apples and pears - the make me hungry and I do not dare having the snack bars in the house. 1/2 a bar as a snack - you are having a laugh! So I will have to see how the snack issue works out for me, maybe an egg? We will see.

    Good luck to you!!
  5. ShellDee

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    Hi guys, I started CS months ago and was doing really well on it, lost just over a stone in 5 weeks, which considering I can't really do any exercise apart from the treadmill is really good. Then I stopped the diet due to moving house and being ill etc. I didn't pile the weight straight back on but over the last 7 weeks have put 8lb back on but have been eating a lot of junk food. I have started back on CS Monday just gone and am feeling really good about it. C.J it really does help to have your snacks as it keeps your motabolism ticking over, I either have a snack bar or an apple or boiled eggs. You can have half a meal replacement bar as a snack but I never do. Odette I don't know if I have got the wrong end of the stick with your post but you can have a whole snack bar as a snack or half a meal replacement bar. It is really important to have your 2 litres of water a day, to begin with I found this hard but then got a 6 pack of 500ml bottles of water with the sport caps and find it really easy to have 4 of these a day and easy to keep track of how much I have had and I just refill them and put them in the fridge (chilled water is supposed to be better for you than room temperature water) I don't know if you have tried it but I love the cauliflower mash with meat/chicken and veg as my evening meal, I hate cauliflower but for some strange reason the mash is gorgeous lol. I hope I have been a bit of a help and if there are any other questions I could help with don't hesitate to ask. Good luck to you both, please post how you are getting on.
  6. Fat bridesmaid

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    Hi Im not on the same meal replacement as you (Im on Asda measure up) but Im allowed 3 100cal snacks a day some I have are
    >sweetcorn (one of ur 5 a day)
    >Quavers (only 84cals!)
    >muller light yoghurts
    >cadbury highlights mousse
    >Special K cereal bar
    >Ryvita mini's
    Hope this gives u some ideas :)
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