Celebrity Slim shakes...


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I thought that to start with too, the smell at the start made me want to vomit. But I've kind of got used to it now, almost 3 months later! Just shake it loads and loads :D
Agree with Shona, at first i thought i would never get use to them because they were so awful but eventually, you get used to the smell and don't dread your breakfast and lunch :)



use by dates on shakes and snacks

Hey all,

Just started CS today...got the special offer starter pack.. But im just wondering, is it just me or do the shakes taste a little funny???? Am finding them hard to drink... :(

Hi Izzie,
Make sure that you purchase well in date shakes as ive bought some on ebay and they have been horid due to the use by date,.They are better getting from store or online.I get mine from rowlands pharmacy online.They usually have special offers ect.I dont like the soups but i love the shakes.Ive lost 15lbs in 3 weeks with excersise as well.Hope that this has been helpful.xx


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Hi everyone, I'm new to this site but not the diet! I did the diet about a year ago for a short period of time but didn't really take it seriously so I'm back again for round 2! The shakes aren't the best but they are a lot nicer than the other diet Lipotrim that I've also been on. If you use a hand blender to mix the shakes up when you can instead of the shaker then they taste so much nicer and don't leave that gritty/powdery taste in your mouth. They look more like a frothy milkshake too which helps when you are hungry and are craving something sweet!! Stick with the diet as it can produce some great results if you stick to it properly (which I will do this time!!) XX


:D:D.I am on my 5th week on cs,and im please to say that I have lost 20lbs, in 4 weeks.Im doing plenty of excersice too.Im not weighing my protien.I have what i want as long as its lean.Im also drinking plenty of water.If im hungry I have an extra allowable snack,ie a apple. Just wanted to share....Good luck!! Wil keep you all posted.Getting weighed today so im hoping for at least another 2lbs.:D


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hmmmthistime? said:
Are any of you still on the diet. I am nearly finished week one.

How have u found ur first week? I'm going to be starting CS tomorrow, have u noticed any weight loss yet, or ru going to stick with weighing in once a week?


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Lol weighing in once a week, no chance. 5 lbs down in 6 days so far so very happy. The shakes I think are really quite nice and I only have the snacks if I need them.
Good luck.


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Am just having a wee look around the site, and trying to gain inspiration for the celebrity slim products. Am "considering" combining some of the CS products with some of the Exante products plus some proper food, resulting in between 1000-1,2000 cals per day.

Any help or advice would be welcome, as I am pretty new to dieting in general. Did a calorie controlled diet last year, along with a few Exante products thrown in, and lost 1lb week. My big problem is my health. I have M.E.(so can't exercise) and a whole load of other things so I wouldn't be able to home-cook meals, get regular fresh food in etc. Am thinking (despite them being mainly based on carbs) of using weight watchers meals in the evening, fruit etc for snacks and the diet products 2-3 times a day. From the little that I have read so far on CS, it does appear to be based on the low carbs, high protein idea, which I have never done before, but it certainly seems to be working for most of you on here! Incredible weight losses! I don't expect to lose a massive amount each week. I would like to lose 1 stone or a bit more if possible, and am thinking about doing it for 2 weeks at a time, with "normal" eating inbetween.

Any advice would be welcome

Jan xx