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Chammomile Tea?

Anyone like the drinks that Exante have? I've not ordered any but was tempted to :) Xx


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You can still drink ordinary tea with milk. I do and look at my stats in the side column. A tiny bit of mill two or three times a day isnt going to change anything.

Make sure you drink good quality tea abs enjoy it - just my personal opinion. My hubby keeps buying what's on offer and i end up buying the good Irish tea I usually enjoy as it's my only pleasure while bot eating food.
I do miss a good cup of tea Bobbi! I have powdered milk but it goes all clumpy =( Xx
That's interesting Bobbi, you've done very well. Maybe I'll have milk in my morning tea which is the one I'd miss most and take it from there.

Well done on your weight loss, I'm sitting here excitedly waiting for my pack to arrive, i hope it comes in the morning or I'll spend all day looking out of the window lol.
Mine came at 14:30! But I resisted eating all day til it got here- word of advice, drink loads of water before it gets there! I drank so much I kept going to the loo but I think it really helped flush me out and get me ready =) Xx
I haven't had anything yet but I really should wait til Sunday to start as I have a long shift at work tomorrow and don't want to be hungry. If it comes soon though I'll probably not be able to resist starting it. I was never the patient type lol.
The first day I found really easy so it might be a good idea to start it on an awkward day because your body still has energy from yesterdays food in it =) I have a lot to do tomorrow and am dreading it because itll be day 3 and I reckon the hunger will start to properly kick in! argh! Xx
Well I've been low carbing for a couple of days in preparation so hopefully that will help with the hunger. I've lost 2lb in them two days as well which takes me to BMI of 29.9 so officially just overweight :D (just).

I think if the pack arrives within a reasonable time I'll start today. I suppose I could pop to asda and get a biggest loser bar to start me off - but if I do that then I'm bound to miss the courier lol.


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Did it arrive within the time slot?
I was at work when mine arrived, daughter waited in until it arrived then went out. Im going to order 2nd box next week, so will have to plan which day to order it, so that someone will be in to get it.
Oh I just noticed I had an email saying my pack will arrive between 11.14 and 12.14. - very impressive. Even more impressive if they're right.
Yay! It's so exciting when it arrives =D I opened up a Vegetable soup straight away and it was delicious- so far had Thai Chicken today (wasnt that impressed.. will add my own spices to it I think) and a chocolate milkshake which I doctored with coffee but I think I'll have it as it is next time cause that made it quite bitter.. Having the second sort of bar today, had the toffee one yesterday and thought it was great but my RL mate is telling me the chocolate one is awesome =D Looking forward to it =D

Hope it's got there Antiefeva :D Xx
Yes it did arrive when they said -11.45 so bang in the middle of the times they gave.

I had a toffee bar straight away cos I was starving - very nice. I made up a chocolate shake a couple of hours ago, had a quick slurp and put it in the fridge for later - also tasted very nice.

And I've just had a tomato and basil soup which I wasn't looking forward to but actually I could have drunk more as it was quite tasty - strange colour though.

I wouldn't say I was hungry as the soup knocked the edge off it and I'll have my shake around 8pm so I'm feeling quite positive about it all.

I'll take the veg soup made up to work tomorrow and put it in the microwave for lunch. I got 3 mushroom soups in my pack and I can't bear the horrible little ******* so not looking forward to trying it but I'll put black pepper in it and give it a chance.
I've learnt not to expect it to taste like I assume! The vegetable one would always be the one I'd think I'd like least because of past cup-a-soups but it was sooo much nicer than the chicken one, I thought I'd like the chocolate shake the most and the vanilla one was awesome.. I think these 4 days of trying everything are such a treat- all different flavours =D The 5th day has got to be the hardest when youve tried everything and then have to pick!
Good luck Antiefeva! Xx
They were bang on with my delivery too. Must say I am very impressed with the customer service so far.

Mushroom soup has been my favourite so far so you maybe pleasantly surprised! I did put black pepper in it though.

I am not 100% certain of this, being a newbie too, but I am sure I have read somewhere that you have to drink the shakes and soups within 15 minutes of making them. Also I think it said somewhere that you shouldn't microwave them as this kills the nutrients in it.

I'll try and find where I read it and post the link.

Good luck girls :)

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