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  1. Jude1512


    Hi all

    I decided it was time to do something about how I was feeling about myself and about my health issues which I've noticed have been increasingly getting worse. I had not intended to stop smoking or to go on total food replacement diet at this time but was just talking to a work colleague about hols etc and she told me about both Lipotrim and Champix and said we could do it together. I thought why not, there's no time like the present so decided to start both.

    I spent the next few weeks going to my GP for information and referrals and finally managed to get hold of both. What a palaver. I was advised not to quit smoking and diet at the same time but I am quite subborn and want what I want so have ignored everyone's advice (as usual) because I need to stop both. The last time I gave up cigs I put on a lot of weight so I reckon that if I do both I should not put on anymore weight and should be loosing instead. Makes sense to me!!

    I've also been reading stuff on the internet about this diet and Champix and came across this site. Some really positive feedback and amazing weight loss/ smoke quitting from some people. Thought I would keep a diary of what I am doing also to keep me focused on my goals and maybe help others keep going also.

    Any how I started taking the Champix on Sat 12.1.13 and decided my quit day would be the following Mon 21.1.13. I decided to start the diet on Mon 14.1.13. The first day of the diet was fine, no hunger or thoughts about eating only problem was the millions of trips to the bathroom, must have used a whole toilet roll that day. (exaggeration) but seemed like it. Smoking helped with the lack of food as it distracted me so all was good.

    The rest of the week was not as relaxed or pleasant. The Champix started to kick in around day three and my mouth tasted like an old ashtray, smoking cigs was unpleasant and bitter and my tongue and tonsils seemed furry. By the end of the week it felt like the shakes were sticking to my throat and tonsils and anytime I smoked I could hardly breath. Really nasty. I was also feeling hungry and my stomach was churning on most day. I was told I should drink more water as this would help however drinking loads makes it difficult to do anything ie if I went to the shop as soon as I got there I needed the toilet, so I was scared to get caught out if outside. My sense of smell has heightened, I could smell my neighbor's cooking most days which was really annoying. (Didnt smell nice!!)

    I had a few sleepless nights and woke up with red eyes which remained red during the day. I felt like crap. The pharmacist said I should not feel hungry but I did, wonder if they have tried it. Its only my will power at this stage that is keeping me from raiding the freezer where I have put all my food left over before I started. Also reminding myself that I did not want to remain obese or unhealthy and that the last few days would have been for nothing. Anyway should get used to it all hopefully.

    I got weighted at the pharmacist on Monday 21.1.13 and had lost 10 lb. That was fantastic and motivation to continue but I have to take it each day because I am finding it hard not eating anything as it seems unnatural. Saying that its good to give your body a break from food or a wash out as my parents used to say every now and then. My family have told me off and said its dangerous although I have told them I have to be monitored by the pharmacist. They stated that a low calorie or such like diet and exercise would be much better for me. I know they are right in fact but I know that that type of diet would be more difficult for me to stick to at present because you have to buy the food, prepare it, calorie count it, cook it and exercise several times a week. Right now I dont have the time or energy to do that. With this diet you are restricted to what you have and thats it, clear and straight forward. For me thats what I need, total abstinence ( I feel like a monk) If I can manage to keep going until I have lost at least 2 stone I will be more than satisfied.

    As for the smoking my quit day was yesterday but I had a few cigarettes left over so smoked them telling myself I still have the rest of the week to really stop. (cop out) I have also found that smoking has been helping me cope with this diet and started to question whether I should just postpone quitting until I was further into the diet. However I have been taking Champix for the last week or so and the thought of having to go through that again made me stick to the plan. Its never going to be easy any way you do it. I always make excuses for why I should not stop smoking before so I decided to just stop today, only one day off target!!.

    Today I feel energized for some reason. Decided to go on a holiday around April/May so this should also focus me to keep going. For me theres nothing worse than being overweight and uncomfortable in a hot climate so the weight has to go. I have felt like a cigarette several times today but I have just ignored the feeling, and its not too bad. I am going to have a good clear out to keep me busy. I need to remove all ashtrays and lighters from around my house now as if they did not exist.

    Anywho that me for now, feeling smug and optimistic, off to drink some water now, yeh feeling gooood. :p
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  3. angad

    angad Member

    hey hii jade is ur diet and quiting smoking going u still get the crave to smoke and are you still continuing champix.....?
    long time since u last posted...
  4. Jude1512


    Hi Angad, nice to hear from you. I have still been posting but on other threads. I am still off the cigarettes and food. No real craving for cigarettes, its really strange, its as if I never smoked. When I get the occasional crave it goes as soon as it comes and I forget all about them. Its great. I've also lost around 1 1/2 stone so I'm really pleased with myself.

    How you doing, still taking the Champix?
  5. missellejay

    missellejay Member

    That's great! Have you been suffering with any side-effects of the Champix at all? I started on Champix 18 months ago and quit for 4 months, but suffered very badly with nausea/vomiting, so fell back off the wagon until I got hypnotised a month ago.
  6. Jude1512


    Hi sorry I have not replied before now I have been off line for a while now. Side effects for me us nausea some of the time. Not sure when it will happen because its is not all the time or every day but just on occasion. I stopped taking the evening one because that was the worst and it all seems ok, in fact I have not taken any for the last week because my mum is in hospital and I have not been keeping to my routine. I must admit I have had increased cravings to smoke but have not yet and do not intend to but I must start taking them again just in case because they were really keeping the cravings away.

    Has the hypnosis worked then?
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