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Green Days Changed from weight watchers to Slimming World


Fatty on her way to Fitty
I was recently on weight watchers and I've lost 2 stone but sort of came to a halt and was loosing 3lb then putting it back on every week so I decided to come over to the other side and give it a go lol. Although I'm still getting weighed at weight watchers as I have 10 vouchers left from the doctors and I need to be weighed to help motivate me to loose weight.
Ive borrowed books from my sister as I'm not yet attending meetings. I feel like im over eating, I'm doing green days at the minute and because in weight watchers these foods were so high in points it feels like I'm gonna put on loads of weight. I'm currently 20st 3lb anyone any idea what the average weight loss in the first week is if I'm sticking to it. I get weighed on Friday and have only been doing it since Monday, really hope I loose at least a couple of pounds. Xx Gem :D
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I don't know what results will show when you first move from WW to SW as they're very different. With SW there is such variety for you to eat, you'll never be hungry, thats why I love it so much. Just make sure you stop eating when you're full/satisfied. All I will say is that if your first weigh in isn't as good as you hope don't give up on SW, you're body will no doubt need a little time to get used to the different lifestyles.
Hi Gem, welcome to SW :) I have been on the EE plan for 8 weeks and have lost a total of 10.1/2lbs so far, I only have about a stone an a half to lose. If you follow the plan and have your syns you should see good results from it. I lost 3lb in my first week :)
Good luck xx
When I first started I had small losses & I told my consultant I didn't use my syns because I thought that surely if I eat less I'll lose more, that was wrong. She said syns are really important which is why they suggest to use 5-15 a day. She also told me that as you get nearer to target your syn allowance will be reduced, so make the most of all those curly wurlys now!! ;) On average I probably use around 10 a day which suits me x


Fatty on her way to Fitty
Hmmm see I was told u get 105 syns a week, is this correct? See I haven't been to a meeting and won't join until my ww vouchers are used x I've got all the books but it doesn't tell u how many u should have x

Yes 105 over 7 days is 15 a day. You can have a flexi day where you may go over by a lot, my consultant used to say if you had a meal/occassion coming up know that you'll be going over, plan what you'd have if you're going out for a meal so you don't go totally crazy, & then carry on as normal the next day.
I'm doing WWPP now but when I did SW, our consultant told us, especially if you have a lot to lose, use all your syns, have every single one of the 15 per day, then as you lose more and more weight and get nearer to goal weight cut back on these until you are at around 5-ish a day just as you are hitting target. They are a very important part of SW as they really help keep you motivated.


Fatty on her way to Fitty
Thanks, I think I'm gonna try and eat them as I'm finding I don't need them at the minute as I enjoy all the free food on green days. I think if I was doing the red then I'd crave starchy food. Mind u the weekend hasn't been yet haha and I'm going for my dinner on sat so that might take up a few syns x


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