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changes in CD

I wonder oif anyone can tell me what the changes have been for CD since February.

Apparently can you have skimmed milk or something. Saw cdc last night but forgot to ask her and i have just re-started after 6 months. She did say i don't have to do AAM can do 12 weeks SS solid!

Any ideas!

ps day 1 today and am starving but still going!
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Hi this is what I read somewhere about the changes:

You can still do SS, however, as from 1st February CDC's have to write to GP's for anyone going down this route this will be mandatory and the customer must sign the MRF giving permission for the CDC to contact their GP. This is not to ask the GP's consent but to inform them that their patient has decided to follow this weight loss method.
If the customer does not want the GP to know about the diet they must follow SS plus which is 615 calories. The rule is 600 or less then the GP must be informed.
The existing rules still apply where medication, medical conditions etc. are present a GP must sign MRF.
790 disappears and it is replaced with 810.
Rules are that you can only stay on a VLCD for 12 weeks then you have to go on a LCD for at least a week, up until now the next step would have been 1000, however, we now have 810. This also allows for people to continue to diet below BMI 25 on 810 as it is not a VLCD.
You can SS for 12 weeks consecutively although it is widely thought this is too long and CDC's are advised to continue to recommend AAM which will now be SS plus or thereabouts, however, it is customer’s choice on this one.
The BMI rule about 1 stone over BMI25 to start a VLCD as laid down by COMA still applies, however, 810 of course is not a VLCD.
This briefly outlines the changes. As of 1st February all new customers or returning customers will follow the new rules, customers currently on the plans can continue or changeover. This is something you can decide when discussing the best way for your weight loss with your CDC.
Hope its right and hope it helps


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Oooooo I am joining CD on Thursday....I want to do SS only so I think these new rules may apply to me...I have about another 3.75 stone or so to lose!!!:eek:


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Thank you Dragonfly, I went to CD lat night re-join and nothing was mentioned but I have printed off your post and will take it with me next week.:)


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Thanks Dragonfly, very useful to know. :)

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