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Reading up today I *think* I almost get it my points have dropped from 29 to 26 which is fine but I am abit confused to the simply filling option, if u choose to do a simply filling day can you and switch back to pro points the day after etc etc so u could eat free foods and just go into your weeklies when u need to and if it's pro points u just count as u would normally am I making sense??? X
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That's how I understand it too. You can do simply filling 1 day & PP the next. The 49pp will remain in play for the whole week regardless of what plan your on.
It would come off your weeklies if your on a sf day cos you don't have dailies, do you? I think it's all about trial & error & whatever works for you. I can't wait to hear what people think of it after trying it for a week & also reading about the results. I'm gonna stick to PP at the mo as I can't be trusted to eat till I'm full cos I WILL over eat as I can be a right greedy guts x
I love this new change :) I have done both SF and PP and its great how we can now incorporate both into our week! I love SF i never feel like snacking on it. I know some dont like the idea of no portion control but for me portion control isnt the issue its me wanting to eat crisps/choc all the time, which feels alot easier doing SF as it sort of feels like they are off bounds so i tend to not eat them. Whereas when doing PP my attitude is like oh well i have all these points to use..il just eat a choc bar!
Hey, having been on pp for 13 weeks now I really don't understand the sf day, can someone explain it to me? :)
Gemelli, theres a sub forum on herr especially for sf. Take a look there hun, it explains everything. I'm having a sf week myself this week. Loving it. :)


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Hey, having been on pp for 13 weeks now I really don't understand the sf day, can someone explain it to me? :)
On Simply Filling you do not have to count your daily points but you still have a weekly allowance of 49 to spend on those foods which have a ProPoints value on the Simply Filling programme.

Here is a link for the Simply Filling Food List


If you look on the thread below LittleMissThin 17 explains it very well.

Simply Filling Info (Losing and Maintaining) http://www.minimins.com/weight-watc...2-simply-filling-info-losing-maintaining.html

I am doing it and so far so good:)
See above.

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