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Changing the goal post


Is Irrepressible!! : )
So I have decided to change my target weight by a couple of pounds.

My original intention was to get to 8s 7lbs, but I have decided that 8s 9lbs would probably be the lowest I can go due to my build. Something that I have just decided whilst checking myself out in the mirror (sounds awfully vain, doesn't it?!). Not that I look unhealthy at my current weight but I think if I go too far this could happen. I just wanted to clarify this just incase anyone notices that my ticker has changed- I haven't lost another 2lbs today or anything!

I think I am happy at my current weight, although I could do with getting a bit more off the old legs! :)
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Very wise sweetie. You get to the weight YOU want to be at and are happy at and if that is 2lb more then that's 2lb less to lose! Good for you babe.

My original target was 9st 12.5lb but I decided I want to try lower, 9st 7lb, coz my little sis is currently 9st, an inch taller than me, and looks stunning! If, as I get closer, I decide I am looking scraggy then I will reassess but it is a weight I haven't been since my teens and I'd really like to try and see if I look better than I remember then! I thought I was fat!!!!!

You are doing brilliantly, well done.

Hi Medea, I agree with CF that it is really important especially as you get near to target to assess the weight you want to be. I think it is actually crucial to maintenance to be able to 'see' yourself and get a sensible view of what is right for your body. I think what is right for your body will be easier to sustain longer term.

I have a target of 9st 11lbs (am 5ft 5) but I am intending to be flexible once I get to 10st as I haven't been in the tens for a good 10 years or more, never mind the 9's! People are already saying I don't need to lose more etc and I was nearly seduced by this, but I know I need to lose more. At the same time as I am in my forties now I don't want to look anymore scraggy or wrinkled than necessary.

Can I also say to you and CF that I am so happy for you both, you had very well deserved losses today. Your attitude in your low weeks has really helped me to cope this week, and just get on with it. Your both stars x
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as long as your happy and looking healthy what does it matter hey!!!

my pharmacists doent rely on bmi's too much as he said they dont take into account peoples build. I agree. My goal BMI would put me down into weighing 8 stone something, which for me would look awful!!!

I'll only know what weight i want to be when i get there, and look and feel healthy!



Is Irrepressible!! : )
I would agree with the docs steering clear of BMI's now. I read an article somewhere saying that GP's are now going for inches around the waist. I think it said that women should be below either 30 or 32 inches and men should be 37 and under. They have started to use this and a good indicator as it has been proven that those that carry weight around the middle are more likely to have serious medical conditions (heart disease, diabetes etc) if they don't do something about it. I think it's also because if you carry around the middle, you are more likely to have fat leeching into your organs- which is even more dangerous as they can not function properly.

I watched a programme on TV once where they had a man who was morbidly obese and a guy who looked to be a 'normal' weight. Thing was the guy who was 'normal' was more at risk than the obese guy due to the fact that his body fat percentage was contained all around his liver! Made me want one of those full body scans!
S: 19st7lb C: 13st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 6st1lb(31.14%)
i saw one not long back and the guy was huuuuuuge... but in fine health... (i mainly watched it cos richard hammond was presenting.. i know its wrong... but.. hes soooo cute!! lol)


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