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charity shop clothes


wants to get slim
i have been buying my clothes from charity shops in the last few week, like most people moneys tight at the min so rather that pay a fortune for new clothes i have been gettting mine online and in charity shops. is know its not trendy but i dont see the point in paying 30 pound for a pair of jean i want to be out of in a month. is anyone else having clothes problems?
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girls and clothes problems seem to go hand in hand!! I mentioned early to someone that selling your old bigger clothes on ebay helps goes to the new clothes fund try bootsales aswell you probablys get a few things there too :)


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I love charity shops! I volunteered for a Mind charity shop a few years back and I got loads of brand new and tagged jeans from there :D


wants to get slim
yeah there are some great bargains at charity shops , my wife and her friends are on ww diet aswell and they are all at different weights so it like a charity shop at my house of girls clothes they give to each other,


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I *love* charity shops, I like to customise my clothes anyway and make them unique. I could spend all day wandering round, rummaging for bargains :)


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i loveeeeeee charity shops - im one of those ppl if it looks good i will wear it :) plus if you drop lucky u can fin d great lil fashion pieces anyway
I only buy my clothes from chairty shops and most of my clothes are topshop!
I love it, my bf takes the pee but i save so much money that way. love a good bargain!


plodding away
I would have no problem buying from charity shops but am still too big to have much choice :( but luckily there are some chain stores that sell bigger sizes at a reasonable price including Matalan.


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:jelous: love charity shops and ebay, had so many great bargains, as i've dropped sizes. Also a great place is saddington market, in leicestershire, if anyone gets the chance to go.


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ebay is great for bigger sizes my sis always goes on ebay :)


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Some charity shops do have bigger sizes if you have a good rummage. I found a pair of New Look inspire bootcut jeans still with tags for £6, size 24 too.


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Oh also steals shops in Blackpool, clothes have slight imperfections etc but otherwise you get some right bargains. Cant wait for August so can stock up!


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I love charity shops too, I'm looking forward to having a rummage when I'm closer to goal...I have plenty of clothes in a variety of sizes from when I 'went up the ladder' so to speak... so I should be ok for a while.
I am another charity shop lover!!! I prefer it to E Bay, because I like to see and tryon before I buy. All my local charity shops have changing rooms. I go once a fortnight or so to my nearest town - it has 8 charity shops, and they are REALLY good!!! I always get good bargains - every single time. I got clothes in every size whilst losing - in size 24 down to size 10.


wants to get slim
im looking forward to going to durham in the next few week there a load of charity shop to go and have a good rummage through. im buying jeans that are 2 sizes small for me as an incentive (size 42/44) hoping to get into them for my holidays may, so finger crossed i get the weight off.
they are great places for a bargain while you are changing sizes often. no point in paying through the nose 4 clothes if they'll be too big for you in a couple of months!! Bargaincrazy.com has some good things but you have to check it pretty often as sometimes it has nothing decent at all!


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