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Charleybarley back on the SW wagon...

Hi all, I hope this will be my most successful attempt at SW - having spent years on and off, attempting the dark side (WW) and GI diet. They all left me hungry and pretty darn sad - so I am back, not that I really went away I have spent the last year trawling thru this forum collating recipes and gaining inspiration from all you die harders (Honeyoc is pretty much my guru - I wanna be like her! So many wonderful and imaginative recipes). I feel I need to start a food diary, for many reasons - for guidance, for support but mainly for me. I need to help myself - my weeks goes, Monday perfect, Tuesday perfect, Wednesday good, Thursday erm, Friday esshkk and Saturday and Sunday well I may as well be bad as I will start again on Monday! So I need discipline.
Especially now, I have been asked unexpectedly to go away with my girlfriends in September to Tenerife, so I want to lose some weight PDQ - I am going away on an amazing cruise with boyf in February and gave myself months to slowly lose a few stone - now I am under a bit of a deadline - 4 stone in 6 weeks....?! I dont think so - but I can try hard to lose as much as I can with grit and determination...oh and with some dreaded exercise too! So today:

EE day
B - Porridge, w milk, banana, 1/2 brown sugar (.5)
L - Serrano ham (no fat) and Mugshot (1?)
D - Chick Pea Dhal and 2 min rice (3.5) with niblet salad w mayo (2.5) and tomato and onion salad w balsamic
Snacks - Orange Apple Nectarine 2x Alpen light bars (6)

Syns - 13.5 - :eek: I only wanted to have 10 max

Areas for improvement
Cut out sugar in the porridge - the nana makes it sweet
I shouldnt have had the serrano and I could have made my day Green and saved myself 6 syns for the AL bars - darn! :doh:

None :ashamed0005:

I have decided to masticate more! I have been told that you should chew your food until its mush - so instead of hoovering I am masticating.:eat:

Upcoming hurdles/battles
It is cake day tomorrow (Thursdays) this is always a battle - homemade cakes from our catering team.
I am going to lunch with my two oldest friends tomorrow - they are both skinny minnies and eat what they darn well please - when I go out to eat I get so depressed that I cant have what I want, I am going to battle through my misery and have something SW friendly - I will I will I will...... Will I?!? I hope so...
And finally....
I have 6 weeks and 2 days until Tenerife I resolve to diarise my food everyday at least until I go away - I must do, I have to, I want to - alas I am one of these people who gives up very easily - I am really hoping I do this, I am not expecting anyone to respond, but it would be great if they did - this is a little like my own diary but made public in the hope that it will spur me on and make me do better the next day....Until tomorrow ...x
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Hi charleybarley...
You certainly sound like you are motivated. I think that is the first step. Also having something to aim towards really keeps ya going.

Best of luck!!!


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Charliebarley, The best of British to you. Forget the cake, but take your toothbrush and every time you fancy... erm 'a nibble'!! clean them. Whereabouts in Tenerife are you going? I live & work here, And really struggling with my weight too, since I gave up the weed and ...(I think) started with the dreaded 'middle age spread'.. Plus, the choice of low fat foods, is nowhere near the same as in GB. :((
Good luck and who needs all that flavoured fat, flour and sugar, they named a 'cake'!!
Thanks Sleepymum - I do usually fall at the first hurdle - incentive or not. Its like my mind and my desire are in a battle with one another and my desire usually wins!

Hi Powla - thanks for the advice, I have bought my Alpen Light bars to nibble on instead of cake so hopefully that will work. Cool that you work in Tenerife, what is it you do there? I am staying at Parque Cristobal in between Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas. Any good advice on going out etc? We are all inclusive so I am really going to get my money's worth - I reckon one week off plan for my holiday then back on when I get back! It must be hard not having a good choice of low fat6 foods, but if you are an avid cook then fresh pasta meals and salads and meats must be plentiful, its just a case of actually making everything from scratch - I like to but I work a lot so its not always possible - I try and do "big batch Sundays" where I make stuff for the week and stuff to go in the freezer, food is so expensive now though isn't it and with the Euro the way it is, you must be struggling a bit out there.

Well, have a happy SW day - I will check in later on with my food diary. x
Green Day
B - Boiled Egg
L - Pub lunch - five bean chilli on jack pot with cheese (I would on the say it was roughy 2 HEAs worth - maybe less but I will err on the side of caution)
D - Pasta n Sauce over a jack pot and tomato and onion salad
S - Orange, nectarine. Alpen Light Bars (HEB) instead of Thursday cake at work HIGH FIVE FOR ME - it looked gorge too, homemade victoria sponge, heavy on the jam and buttercream

Syns - 0 so far but I may have a 42g of cheese on pasta for 6 syns (too much cheese today? - even though it is within SW should I steer clear of the wonderful fatty dairy delight?)

None again!

Upcoming Hurdles/Battles
As the above mentions I managed to win both my cake and my pub lunch battles.... 1 - 0 to me
New battle - Cinema - I usually go for Salted Popcorn or Nachos - I love the savoury! I am going to attempt going cold turkey (hmmm cold turkey and mayo sandwiches....stop it stop it!)

I am going to the cinema tonight, why is it that treats and goodies (read baddies!) and going to see a film go hand in hand? I could use my syns for a little treat instead of the added cheese or I could just see whether I can really do this and sit with nothing. The thing is I need the treat to last throughout the film, or not at all - man I am stubborn! Hmmm I have a couple of hours to decide, if anyone is out there who can lend me some advice, I would gladly take it.
Also some assistance required - I could do with some ideas of food that will speed my losses up please, aside from fruit and veg (and the dreaded scanbran which tastes absolutely dreadful) I could always eat some dust, anyone, dust, anyone?


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boo! lol
thought id come nosey at your diary....

gosh girl theres a battle going on in your head :eek:

seriously tho ive been there so can sympathize....try the list thing ive done....for losing weight....against losing weight.....then go back to the against and try to turn those negatives into positives

its like shouting down someone whoes trying to put you down...dont listen to them!

then read them every morning and evening..positive affirmation..
it costs nothing and is easy to do and may well help smash those good against evil battles for food your having in your mind!

sw works!....it can make you look and feel healthy and feel fantastic about your self.....dont let that voice in your head stop you..i know im not going anymore lol

What day are you weighing in and are you going to a group?
sorry im nosey lol

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