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CharleyBarley's Food for Thought,

Hello all

I have started again, having spent time and energy on starting a food diary, I did what I usually do and I didn't follow it through! I need to keep this one up, so I am starting again. I joined back at SW class last Thursday and have been pretty good since (a revelation for me!), so I am starting my food diary from today:

EE day

My take on Bircher Museli - Museli (28g), banana and nectarine chopped in mixed with Total 0% and left overnight (idea nicked from Honeyoc!) (I have been using 1tbsp of honey, but realised I could go without and save 2.5 syns!)

Highland Pasta with Smoked Salmon (idea nicked from Delia Smith!), it was only ok tasting, prob not worth the effort again (I think I have realised that I only really like smoked salmon with scrambled egg and nothing else!)

Prawn Masala and Rice (idea nicked from Honeyoc - can you sense a pattern? That's right, I steal recipes!)

8 Peanut M&Ms (I don't know how to syn these as SW webby only gives syns out for whole bag) - guessing 5 syns
Salted Popcorn (Butterkist Microwave) 5 syns

TOTAL 10 syns

Thats all for today, I am generally doing this for myself to keep track, but would love any comments/criticisms/advice/support I can get from you gals. I have been an secret admirer and avid fan of minimins for yonks and I have been totally inspired by you wonderful woman (and some men!).

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Ooh, thats some big text there, not sure what happened!
Weigh in day today - esshkk! I really hope to have lost something in my first week. So to food:
Breakkie: Bircher Muesli and 3/4 of a punnet of graps
Lunch: Left over Prawn Masala and Rice (which was delish by the way, thanks Honeyoc!)
Dinner: Gammon, 2 eggs, 2 mins Mexican Rice (2 1/2 syns), grated cheese.
Snacks: Butterkist Micro Popcorn (5 syns)

TOTAL: 7 1/2 syns.

I have a hurdle to face: Thursday is Cake Trolley day at work, very tempting but not totally tempting as I don't want to spoil my first weigh in. Please God let me not be the only one who doesn't lose anything in her first week! Although I am due on today (feeling the pains as we speak, well as I type) so I am nervous!
Yey - I lost 3 1/2 pounds last night. I really wanted 5lbs but who am I kidding, I am aiming for another 3 1/2 next week to make it half a stone. Mind you, with the day I am having already today... and its not shaping up to end much better, I better be good for the rest of the week:
Brekkie - Had a fire drill this morning at work and was stuck outside the office for almost an hour, I was so hungry that I caved and had a milky shop bought coffee and a SALT BEEF BAGEL! OH MY GOODNESS - it was so naughty, but oh so so nice. I am going to try to be good for lunch but tonight I am out on the lash in London so that is going to be messy, have chosen Gin & Slimline Tonic over my usual vino to save on syns and a messy hangover tomorrow morning - please please let me make good choices of what to eat tonight, my sister has told me today she has printed off vouchers for Burger King for the train journey home (yes I am from a very classy Essex family!) - oh get behind thee Satan! Please let me have the strength to at least make it to my local kebab shop for a chicken kebab... or even better, let me make it home to the good (but not as nice food) - "will she do it?" I hear you ask (I don't really I am actually talking to myself I think!). I will let you know tomorrow when I am back on the SW wagon - woo wooooooo!

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