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Charlis food diary


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First day back on Sw for about a year so going to do a diary to keep myself aware of what I'm eating. I have a habit of "forgetting" the naughty things if I don't write it down!! 2 days a week I go to college in the evenings after work so I always end up with a jacket pot as my boyfriend doesnt do anything else! I follow the extra easy plan..Any advice would be appreciated.


Breakfast: 2 weetabix with milk (hexa) + tea (rest of hexa)

Lunch: Pasta salad - pasta, tuna, lettuce, sweetcorn, cucumber, EL Mayo (2syns) + a Muller light.

Dinner: jacket potato with spag hoops, small sprinkling of low fat cheddar cheese (about the size of a dice before grated).. Any ideas on syns for the cheese??

Snacks: alpen light bar (3syns)

I know I haven't eaten enough super free today.. Must go buy some fruit for tomorrow!

If anyone can help me out on cheese syns would be great!
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Just realised I put weds yesterday insted of tues.. So here's the real weds food diary!


Brekky: 1 slice wm toast, 3 plum tomatoes, cup of tea

Lunch: tuna pasta salad, grapes, muller light

Dinner: Sw spag Bol, lots of veg included!

Snack: alpen light (3syns)


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Brekky.. 1 slice wm toast, beans and a kiwi (not all together obviously lol)

Lunch.. Spanish omelette (syns???) red cabbage and a muller light

Dinner.. Pork chops with garlic paste (1syn) and rosemary, with mash and green beans

Can anyone advise on what syns I should count for Spanish omelette? It's one from the restaurant at work.. But no idea on syns!! Help?!


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Fridays meals -

Brekky: 2 x weetabix with semi skimmed milk. Grapes and melon

Lunch: mashed potato, 1 sausage (4syns), grapes & a muller light

Dinner: 2 fried eggs, mushy peas, Sw chips

Weighed in this morning (saturday) after only 4 day on plan and I've lost 2 lbs!! So pleased. Deffo the boost I need to carry on.


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Saturdays food..

Got up too late for brekky

Lunch: fried egg, 2 lean bacon, slice wm toast, ketchup (2syn)

Dinner: chicken kebab, loads of salad, no pitta, garlic sauce (estimating 7syn total?!)

3 malibu & diet cokes 7.5 syns

Slightly over syns but was good leading up to it and back on track today :)


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Brekky: alpen light bar

Lunch: babble light and a diet coke

Dinner: pasta, tomatoes, sweetcorn an cheese

Wasn't feeling too great so not a day of proper meals :(


Brekky: 2 weetabix with semi skimmed milk

Lunch: jacket with beans and cheese (3syns) side salad

Dinner: chicken stirfry, lots of veg, noodles, sauce (3syns).

Snack: apple

Better day Monday, hoping to try for same today :)