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Cheap holiday in Malta


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I've been telling everyone since I split up with my ex 8 or 9 months ago how much I enjoy being single - it truly is sooo much better (for me) :D. So I decided that since I keep saying how good singledom is, I'd try holidaying on my own. So I thought I'd try somewhere fairly simple to start with and have got a cheap holiday to Malta booked from the end of next week.

I'm not the world's biggest party animal (well not these days, a bit more so when I was younger) so I'm going to spend some time sightseeing, in particlar, visiting the historical sights, and generally just having a relaxed time, since I haven't had a proper holiday for 3 years.

I don't want to spend a fortune, though I'm not completely broke, either. Does anyone know Malta and have any suggestions for absolute must sees, that would be OK on your own? (The gist of this is, must sees that won't cost a fortune.)
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hi I was in Malta Nov , its a safe place and they love the English .
The buses are cheap and its good for getting around , also the trips are cheap , on our bus we had a woman travling on her own , went to gozo , by one of these trips .
Where are you staying in Malta ? and which hotel ?

Do NOT get involved with people doing timeshare , just walk on .


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there are buses that do tours to they are , red or blue , what you do just pay for your ticket and you can hop on and off these , they are opened top buses , we spent all day on them and what you do if you get off the next buses comes an hour later so you can stop at a place you like and have a look round jump on the next and the next place you see do the same , we went on the red one and the blue one pulled in behind and people got off ours and went on that one so also you can change . confused yes i was too lol!!
St Julians is built up and busy but nice , glden bay and mellieha bay are sandy beaches , I did go to Golden bay to take my daughter horse riding but there is nothing there than a beach , and a hotel , i was fed up and it was hot , only went yo golden bay for the horse rising .
Valetta is a must . I stayed in Qawra , which was nice but I found not much there but the bus rank is there and you can go anywhere its cheap so it really doesn't matter , just say no to timeshare , they are english people living there and will hit on you cos its there living to stay in Malta


But you can call me Elise
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I'm staying in Sliema at a hotel called the Plaza Regency for the first 7 nights - it's a 3* and apparently OK if you read the reviews, not fantastic, and full of elderly people, but I managed to get B&B there for £14 a night, so I won't whinge! Then over to Gozo for 4 nights, staying in a small hotel in Xlendi call St Patricks - everyone I talk to says that that could be too much time on Gozo, but I like to walk and apparently there are some lovely walks round the coast, and it sounds like there are some interesting ancient sites too. The last 3 nights I am staying in a new luxury hotel in Mellieha, which has a spa and a big pool for a bit of a treat, those 3 days are just intended to be completely lazy - pampering and lounging around, with a walk along the beach if it's sunny/warm (the weather there, right now, is apparently torrential rain, hope that changes in the next week!).

I intend to use the local buses to get around, but I will look into the tour buses, they sound excellent.

Thanks for the tips.


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the weather there can be rain then it can change the next day to it very warm , flight was 3 and half hours from Luton .
Gozo , maybe 4 days is a long time but its like anywhere really, it all cost money to enjoy yourself , look at it this way , what would you be doing at home ? Gozo to me seemed in the dark ages like nothing touched for so long . and when you see people its like they have also stayed in the dark ages , there was some nice places to eat . We went on a trip and drove round , got ferry over and had a nice day , there was a place to visit all costing money but not for the church , the church you can go in , its lovely in there . I'm sure your going to have a restful break , yes the elderly , they go for months on end ..... our hotel was full of them lol


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Have a great time Geordielass - I've now been away several times on my own - just come back from Fuerteventura - I really hope you enjoy it. So many women I know say they wished they could do it but never do!

Have a fab holiday and let us know how it went x


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Cor, that's a lot of time to spend in Malta. It's about the size of a peanut :D

I've never been, but Mr. CrazyBrit has, and his mum goes back there once a year - she has friends out there, so it's not quite "on her own", but she does spend a lot of her time out and about alone. She's in her early sixties, very independent woman, and has no trouble out there at all.

There are, I'm told, lots and lots of very pretty churches. And so long as you're near human habitation they're impossible to miss.

There are also beaches. Lots of beaches. Which is why I haven't gone - I'm not really a beach person (allergic to the sunlight, for starters).


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With the beaches , most are rocky , there are a few with sand but not many .
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I loved Malta... a trip to Mdina is a must as is a trip to Valletta. We got the local buses which, are perfectly safe and cheap. I loved it and would definitely go back.

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