Cheap meal ideas


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You're so right - protein is pricey and carbs are cheap!

Someone here posted a really tasty sounding recipe for tuna fishcakes on the 'lunch/dinner induction' thread (don't know how to link to it). Tinned tuna's quite cheap, I think? I'm quite fond of peppered mackerel, too.


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I agree, meat is expensive. I bought myself a slow cooker, that way I could buy really cheap cuts of meat, do all the prep the night before and then start it all going in the morning before heading off for work. Another tip, your local butcher is likely to have some cheaper cuts than the supermarkets.


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Also, frozen meats too, Tesco do big bags of Pork Chops/Lamb Chops/Chicken Fillets and they're quite reasonable and you get a good 4 or 5 pieces in there. Also I grab the 'last minute' stuff that they have reduced that day as its maybe going out of date in a few days and cook it up in something then freeze it to be used later on. x x


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Iceland is pretty good too. They are doing a pack of chicken breast for £3 and there are 3 in it. Many of the bags of frozen veg are only £1 too.