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Cheese advice please.....


Got to do it this time!!
I hope you get a definitive answer as I've got a dozen Babybel light in my fridge just waiting to know if it's myself whose gonna scoff 'em (not all at once, obviously) or my six year old as she loves 'em too.:confused:


Never Ever Give Up!
As far as I know cheese is an allowed item and you are allowed 1 babybel light or 30gr extra light philadelphia. Not sure about the other cheese brands.
i think they come under tolerated items


Got to do it this time!!
Got this from the Dukan site!

Tolerated food
Tolerated food is food you can have starting from the Cruise phase.
You must remember that you are allowed of two items per day.
Also this list is not exhaustive and we would be happy to have any of your suggestions;
you can email us at: [email protected]

Fat free fruit yogurts (with bits) 1

Plain soya yogurt 1

Corn Flour 20g

3% fat cream (double or single) 30g (1 tbs)

1 coffee spoon of sugar free low fat cocoa powder (no more than 20% fat)

Wine (red/white) for cooking 3 tbs

Spiced Goat sausage 50g

Poultry sausage 100g

Soya milk (glass) 15cl

7% fat cheese 30g

Rhubarb (cooked) 100g

Oil 3 drops (3g)

Gaspacho (not home made) one glass

Soy sauce 1 tsp

Extra light Philidelphia 30g

Light cheese like laughing cow 30g

Custard Powder as "Bird" 1 table spoon per day with sweetener and skimmed milk

Goji berries
Attack phase: 1 TBS/day and on PP days - Cruise phase: 2 TBS/day on PV days


Got to do it this time!!
Dairy products
Your are allowed 1 Kg (or 1 Liter) per day

Allowed dairy products:
Ideally fat free (or with less than 2% fat if fat
free dairies are not available in your area)
but also no sugar added (ensure they don't
contain sugar, fructose, dextrose, glucose,
corn, starch or syrup).
Plain or flavoured allowed.

Tolerated dairies:
Same as above, but with added fruit bites.
Kazzamce, thanks so much for posting this. It's a great help *legs it to the fridge to scoff a babybel light*



** Chief WITCH **
Easy on those tolerateds... only to be used if you're happy with your weight loss and you're not stalling :)

And, for new people particularly, it's good to have something to pull out when the going gets tough rather than incorporating them immediately into your food plan. They can cause a stall and often do...


Never Ever Give Up!
Sorry, when I wrote allowed I meant tolerated.


Dukan Ancestor!!
I don't think the Babybels lights come in the tolerated group though. Even the light ones are 'reduced fat' only and still have 12% fat (or so), whereas the philly extra-light has 4% (I think) and the extra-light laughing cow type cheese (processed triangles) is 3%. And *only those* are allowed in small doses. Save the babybel for Conso, and accept that for Cruise really the rule needs to be "no cheese".
oh no! looks like my daughter's going to be enjoying the dozen BB lights that were waiting on the fridge for me :cry:

Hey ho, it's hardly the end of the world...


Got to do it this time!!
Never mind - we are on a diet after all!! ;) But I am thinking - won't the philly make a lovely cream cheese frosting for muffins - by adding sweetener and flavouring?? I am going to make muffins using my gingerbread syrup and try this - will let you know how it goes!

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