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Cheese fest!

I'm a bad SW-er with no willpower!

Last night I went out for dinner and we had a veggie tapas banquet thing. SO much cheese...and shared a bottle of red wine.

I feel terrible today...and it's not a hangover. I have The Guilts big time.

Grrrrrr!!! I am just feeling pants at the moment!!!:cry:I'm never going to get to flipping target!!
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Starting Again!
Aw hunni! You need a big cuddle, a virtual one will have to do though; :hug99: You WILL get to target, you must think positive, whether you think you can, or you cannot, you are correct. Take responsibilty - grab life by the balls and squeeze the hell out of it!

Natt xxx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Natt's right Huni...dont beat yourself up over it, these things happen sometimes.
You will get to target and thankfully you dont have slip ups regularly, so you will get there.
You are going to get to target- but realistically!

It is not going to happen overnight, and being on a diet shouldn't mean our life has to be on hold. You just incorporate last night's lovely treats into a weeks worth of healthy eating and you WILL have success.

Just think how much damage you would have done if you had NOT been doing SW?

This is all part of the journey, mate. Embrace it, enjoy the odd treat and look forward to some lovely low syn food the rest of the week.

I agree with what the others have said ..... you will get to target, but you will enjoy yourself along the way too. In the grand scheme of things (ie, a week of healthy eating on plan) I can't see that you'd have done too much damage.

Today is a new day, don't feel guilty, you had a good time and life's here for living ..... just get back on plan and I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised when you weigh in.

J x
Argh, you lot are good! I hate being down in the dumps, it's so unlike me really...but I do go through these 'dark' phases. Nothing's been shifting for 3 or 4 weeks now. I've got a few reasons (hen party!) but still...I've generally been trying quite hard.

Bah, grr, bum!

Must try to get into that positive frame of mind...How the heck do I get re-motivated?!
Must try to get into that positive frame of mind...How the heck do I get re-motivated?!
Heres something to motivate you: 'Goal Date: 21st October 2009 - Last WI before Bridesmaid Day!'

We all have bad days, mine was a bad week last week and am now struggling to get back to target!
You enjoyed it so now forget about it and don't be too hard on yourself, look forward in the right direction:)
pmsl...excellent!!!! You know I do like a good pic to illustrate a point!!! :D

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