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have nibbled cheese today dont know why will i have knocked myself of ketosis help:confused:
hey - don't panic !!

cheese shouldn't have kicked you outta ketosis.....:)

just get straight back on track...keep gluggin the water and you'll be fine !

Debz xx


Says it as it is!!!
Probably not as it only cotains 0.3 g crabs per 25g but fat wise is very high sooo step away from the cheese!!
If you nibble you will only make it harder for yourself!!!!!!
Easy done mousey... high protein as nic says should be o.k but don't go down that slippery slope otherwise it'll be this that and the other before you know it. I've just suggested a calender idea for mood swings, jot down each day how you feel first thing (doesn't have to be complicated) and what made you feel that way, then if your mood changes, check the calender to remind yourself of how it felt.

Good luck - stay away from the 'food- side' :sign0151: nxx
Only mice should nibble cheese hun. Just remember that little pickers wear big knickers! x
I find a good trick if I want to nibble on something I use the listerine mouthwash believe me you will not feel like eating anything for a few mins after you wash your mouth with that
No more nibbling young lady - or else we'll send the lads round!!!! Lol!!!

You have done so well, nearly halfway to target, don't risk your next WI, it just isn't worth it!

Get yourself some easily achieveable mini goals and write them down. Then date when you achieve them, it really does help.



Says it as it is!!!
Only mice should nibble cheese hun. Just remember that little pickers wear big knickers! x
Cuddly reckons if we pick the lads are coming round.. sorry im off to raid the fridge havent seen Mr G in a couple of weeks because of work i could do with a visit from the lads !

As for picking .. dont do it again just carry on tho you can do it !

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