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Chemist wants local media/award/vouchers!!!!


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Interesting one this. Received a letter from my chemist telling me I have lost over five stone on Lipotrim and i'm thir most successful customer!

They would like to give me an award and some vouchers to the store of my choice, they also would like to invite local media.

What would you do????

I'm in two minds one part of me will take owt thats free.
But do I want to do this as i have not finished yet?

Also the local news fat man loses weight standing in the big trousers is just soooo cheesy now.

Would be facinated to know what you would do in this situation.
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I wouldn't do it, purely cos im too shy/embarrased for my weight to be put in the local paper.

But if it wouldn't bother you then I'd say go for it
Wow i would go for it!! Its nice that they are taking an interest in your progress. The only reason i heard about lipotrim was through a friend who was using it so potentially you could be helping other peoples lives by letting them know the benefits of lipotrim! xx
I dunno if i would or not but before i made the decision id ask how much worth of vouchers they were going to give me then barter it for however many weeks of LT (cash you save is better than vouchers you can only spend in certain shops!), its going to be publicity for them they will get new LT customers (even if they only last a week!)and increase their sales and profits so as well as being interested in your progress they are probably doing it to get in the local paper as a half page ad costs a bomb but a half page story costs them nowt

Gen xx
Hey Canky.... why not suggest they wait until you are at goal, and get them to sponser the balance of your weightloss - that way you get free LT, they get their piccie and cheap advert (cause lets face it others will be knocking his door down)

BUT on the other side... do you want piccie in papers with others knowing your business, plus how much money/vouchers can you spend in a chemist !!!

So in conclusion - I would go for the WIFM factor....'Whats in it for me' - you have worked your tripe out - they have earned a wodge off you - it's payback time:D:D:Dxxxxx


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Yeah, Gene Genie and 2 Hourglass talk a lot of sense there. I'd follow their advice.
Free LT would be great.


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I think it would be too much pressure now as you are not at goal and the media is not always nice and you really don't know want kind of spin they might put on it.

You have spent a lot of your own money on Lipotrim getting this far and as 2hourglass has said "what is in this for you"?

Talk to Icemoose as he is used to being in the spotlight and knows a thing or two about it and I feel he would give you some good advice.

Love Mini xxx
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I'm with Mini, talk to Icemoose and see what he says.

I personally wouldn't do it coz I'd be way too embarrassed for everyone to know my original weight and I haven't told many people how I have lost my weight. Also, being a teacher I really don't want my pupils using it to wind me up!

you only live once, be proud of what you have achieved, listen to what your gut feeling is.


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:D i'd go for it.

when i have reached target i'm writing to a magazine for an article to be put in, cause you can get a free makeover and get to keep the clothes with some :D i know its cheap but i'll need new clothes!!!

I have no sense of shame about my weight, I am certainly not alone in having been fat - and if my piccie inspires someone else to lose weight and get healthy then that is brill.


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Why not tell them they will have to come back when you've reached your goal? Might subconciously start thinking the job is done?
Would be nice to let others know that it IS possible though...


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I'd go for it, not like you've got anything to lose, I know they're doing it for them but at the end of the day you'll also get something out of it too. Depends if you want everyone to know of course!


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Hey Cankster,If it were me,I would be so proud of my achievement and agree on certain conditions,that you would have control over what publicity was publicised,that they wait until your at goal so that you can be and feel at your best and query the voucher side of things so that they are of some decent monetary value and can be used in a shop where you could shop.Youve done great mate,celebrate your achievement,just have control over what happens,the best of luck to you x


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hi mucker, look into it and see whats in it for you...if its worth it...do it...i know what your saying about the paper thing...but you should be proud of what you have done and maybe if someone who is over-weight sees what you have have done..it might encourage them to start....

Loads of freebies...

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