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cheryl's WW food log & thoughts !

Best of luck Cheryl X


Serial Foodie!
meetings can be fab for meeting other people as well. hope they r a good support group for you. xxxx
Good luck Cheryl! Keep us posted :)


finding my way again !
thanks girls !
just got back in.
they seem friendly enough ~ only thing is they all (bar 2 ) are of retirement age & i got the impression alot of them had been going along time & it was more like a social coffee morning to them.
just had a slice of toast with baked beans for my breakfast. The problem is that untill hubby is paid, either tommorrow or thurs, then i have to make do with what is in the cupboard, which isn't alot :(
Glad your meeting went well Cheryl. Unfortunately, day-time classes are more likely to consist mainly of people of retirement age; the young 'uns usually have to wait for dad to get home to babysit or they can't go until they finish work.

I'm there with ya regarding the lack of funds ... we're so strapped that, if anyone asks for me by my surname on the phone I say 'she's out' as I know it's companies chasing for money!! :eek:

I'm using the last of my daughters CD left-overs and after that? Well, let's just say CD isn't really an option.

Wishing you well on your WW journey :)


finding my way again !
spent the day at the beach with my girls, a bit impromptu so we had no picnic or purse with us ! we got there at just after 12 & left about 4.20. By time we got home we were all hungry, so sandwiches all round. Just had a roast pork dinner & am really stuffed. so far had 14 points so still got 9 though quite sure how i'll manage that :confused:


Bye bye bellies!!!
Hi Cheryl,

I joined ww last week and so did nails and my bmi is to high so we are all newbies together. Looking forward to reading how you get on.



finding my way again !
thanks Andi, good to know we are all at similar stages !!
had a banana & 3 digestives, so finished the day on 18 1/2 points (of 23) so 4 1/2 saved.
quite pleased with how it's gone.
with CD there was no thought about what i was consuming & then Intuitive eating didn't have rigid enough boundaries so i ate everything, so it will be good to have to think about what i eat & regain portion control ;)


Hi Cheryl
Good day for your points! I'm trying to save some this week as I've got a wedding on Saturday.
I have to alternate between evening classes and day classes because of hubby's shifts and noticed there was an older bunch during the day, all lovely though and even recognised a couple of ladies I used to work with 10yrs ago that I hadn't seen for ages! I actually preferred the day class to the evening but then again it's probably because I can be a lazy moo about going out in the evening if it doesn't involve alcohol and scrummy food :D!
Look forward to hearing how you get on.


finding my way again !
thanks Starlight !
not too bad today.
i worked last night so it makes my day long agh.
made a massive bowl of couscous into which i put peppers, onions, cucumber, cherry tomatoes & mango & chilli dressing ~ very yummy & filling, all for 2 1/2 points, followed this with a yougurt.
as i previously said i'm using up whats in the cupboard, so b'fast was Fruit n Fibre :( a massive 6 points for a measly bowl ~ lesson learnt there, left me hungry.
WW tuna sandwich for lunch & tonight i have a "steam fresh" salmon meal with broccoli. then i am going to see how many points for a little ice cream to round me up to my 23 for today.
must say having tummy rumbles, so won't be wasting so many points on breakfast again, will need to investigate some more filling & less point options.


I agree with Starlight, does sound a lot of points for your cereal. Might be worth checking as you well have some extra points.
Your couscous sounds yummy, may even try that myself in the week!


finding my way again !
i've only got my little cardboard calculator to use, but the box (individual serving type ) said 366 cals & 3.5 sat fat, oh just had a thought, that was prob per 100g :doh:, it was 5am, after 20 hrs no sleep. that given it would have been .... 1.8 points, so i'll call it 3 with the milk points then.
just had a bit of mint choc chip ice cream for 1 1/2 pts.
daily total = 20 pts
lol That sounds more like it. General rule of thumb is a portion of cereal and semi skimmed milk is 2.5 points. Glad you mentioned it though, and youve got extra points this evening ;)

If youre planning on doing WW for a while, Id definitely recommend getting an electronic calculator. Theyre fab and the new ones are tiny

Have a good day tomorrow :)


Lol Cheryl, at least you didn't under-estimate it!
I think I'll invest in a calculator as well as i'm using the cardboard one at the minute.
Keep it up!

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