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chest pain

Hi, just wondereed - before I panic and self diagnose hideous diesases! - has anyone else been getting chest pain?

It's kinda on my left sideabout where my bra wire sits and goes from mid boobs left to about halfway round my side. I get it for no reason, like I'll suddenly move and have this horrible sharp pain, it passes after 5 min but it's been happening around twice a day for the last 4 or 5 days, it hurts to breath too deeply or make any sort of movement. It feels how I imagine a broken rib would feel. It doesn't matter what bra I wear so I know it's now that they're too tight or anything like that.

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i had similar a few weeks age and tried to ignore it. I ended up at GP's and it was something to do with th emuscles in my rib cage. I was shown a few exercices tro stretch it out and was gone in a day!!

May be worth s visit to docs to get it checked out!
My worst fears were realised last Saturday when I developed acute chestpain and ended up in A&E on a drip. They tested my heart which was okay, thankfully. I had a scan today and as I suspected I have gallstones! My pain was right in my solar plexus, thru to my back, and up into my right shoulder. :( So it doesn't soundlike yours pbfh, but something to keep in mind?
eeeeek, are you ok now?

I know it sounds awful but the worst bit of that for me was the being on a drip bit, I have a severe needlephobia and can't even see pictures of them - although somehow I manage to give my cat an injection every day - I had a bad pain all through my back the other week but that was a pulled muscle (I hope!) I forgot about gallstones being a possible side effect of vlcds. But I now know what to watch out for.

Hope you're feeling better.



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Hi sorry to hear about your gallstones....they are not nice.....Though vlcd`s are not the cause, but a change in your diet can aggravate them.......most of us have them but dont realise until we change our diets.
Thanks pbfh and sonkie. Yes I am okay now, a bit twingey, but sticking religiously to low fat eating so as not to induce another attack! Jeepers it was sore, I didn't know what to do with myself for about 45 mins! Fear of pain is a great motivator to eat low fat, I must say!! Rosemary Conley would be proud of me! Looks like I will be having the gallbladder removed in the not too distant future. Hope your pain goes away never to return, Helen!
Hi Helen,
It does sound like a pulled intercostal muscle. I did this when I was on crutches and kept just using one instead of two. It was relaly painful - when I first did it I couldn't sit up in bed and breathing was really painful. Have you been making any usually movements in your new slimline body?
Hope it doesn't spoil your weekend too much.
You'd have to ask my fiance about the unusual movements! :p

I make jewellery and when I go to college I have to carry 2 of the heaviest bags known to man and I know that's how I pulled the muscle in my back the other week but one bag broke so I have to carry them in a different way now so could be that yes.

I hope it doens't ruin my weekend either - it's my birthday tomorrow!!!!!! 31 eek!!


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