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chewing bloody gum

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Anything sugar free is fine. I always have some on hand, mostly because drinking so much water can (ironically) dry my mouth out - it washes away the natural saliva levels (niiiice!), which you need to keep your mouth moist and your teeth healthy. The old "Atkins breath" can sometimes be a problem too!
my chewing gum is the sugar free wrigleys cool breeze and on my packet of chewing gum it says there are 64g of carbs per 100g.one peice of gum is about 1g.so to get 100g of chewing gum will be about 100 pieces or 10 packs.i think i've worked it out right and made it less than 0.64g of carbs per piece.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Yes I see what you mean miasmom but my pack says "Per 100g: Carb 66g (of which sugars 0g; polyols 66g)". Polyols can be discounted as they do not affect your blood sugar they are not 'useable' carbs, so should not affect ketosis. And as made says, you are only eating a tiny fraction of 100g in each piece (and not technically 'eating' it anyways...)
I've never even thought about counting carbs in sugar free gum... i have the odd piece at work to keep me mind off food. Like LM says, you don't really eat it as such and the polyols don't count.
well thank you guys for clearing that up for me, didnt know about the polyols for starters and really i should have worked out that 1 piece of gum isnt 100g.....im so stupid.

im happy now that i dont have to stress and cringe when i eat gum



Gold Member
careful with the not counting polyols thing though. it can really stall you if you have them in large amounts, like in diabetic sweets or sugar free sweets for example. I doubt the odd bit of gum will make a difference but i know a few people have come acropper when low carbing due to this...
I used to chew the Dentine cinnamon gum, I'm sure that was 0 carbs
I only chew on gum when I have a date and dont want dog breath :argh::giggle:and even then I count the carbs.

I'm popping out to do my weekly shop, I'm going to look for that dentine cinnamon chewing gum and this smoked sausage that everyone keeps talking about :)
Cherry, check out if I'm right about the 0 carbs on that gum love.
Cherry, check out if I'm right about the 0 carbs on that gum love.
I couldn't find it Jim. I'll try and hunt it down and look in other shops.

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