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Chewing Gum

Hi there and well done on 12 weeks of CD... that is fab!!!

On the chewing gum front... as far as I know it is not recommended.... for breath freshness either mouthwash, the listerine original one or there is another thing that slips my mind but its a mouth spray or something???? someone else will clarify that for ya

The chewing gum is a no no because it is thought to make ya hungry by the chewing.....

Well done again on 12 weeks!!!
I use sugar free chewing gum all the time, especially when I am cooking for other people (stops all the nibbling). It hasn't affected my weight loss or made me hungry. I suppose it affects people in different ways.


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We don't recommend gum, as it can lead to feeling hungry with many peeps.
When you chew gum, you produce saliva. Saliva is produced to aid digestion. Your brain signals down to the gut to say "foods up, get ready:eat:", but then you don't send any food because you're on CD! The gut then sends a signal back "Oi! Where's my food?!:mad:" and after a while of not receiving anything, it will eventually lead to sending the brain hunger pangs/cravings for some food because you didn't give it any!:vibes:
That's a pretty child-like way of describing it, but it works! If you're having badger-breath day, use mouthwash, brush teeth more, drink more water. Also, try avoid having too many sugar-free mints, as they contain Sorbitol, which can have a laxative effect if too many consumed!:eek:
Hope that helps!! Have a fab weekend!


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If chewing gum makes you hungry then do avoid it.....I do use it when cooking or preparing meals so I dont pick......lol. Though you cant have the strips (cant remember why) but the sugar free wrigleys extras are ok.


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I went with my friend to see her CDC last and she said that its fine to chew chewing gum so long as it doesn't cause hunger pains.

Apparently thus who are use to chewing gum don't get too effected by the possible hunger pains it causes. I've always chewed the stuff and so has my mate so we're both fine with it.

I still try and have less than I use to mind you..

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