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Chewing Gum ?

Hi all.

I hope that you are all well and sinking that :tear_drop: like there's no tomorrow!

I wonderd if there was any sugar free chewing gum that I could have. I know someone mentioned it on here a while ago.
For me it isn't anything to do with the chewing as much as it's because I seriously am suffering with bad breath!!!

I clean my teeth regularly and use mouthwash, but I have found on SS, I can't escape it!! :sign0009:

Can anyone suggest a chewing gum that will not take me out of ketosis? Please!



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Thank you, thank you Hedgemag!!!!!

Like Lucy, I shall be buying loads!!!


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The gold spot breath spray doesn't take you out of ketosis and I use it contantly cos I'm terrified to talk to people because of this dragon breath.


Hi Guys - There are lots of sugar free gum out there, I think mine are called Trident? - I'm constantly chewing. Go get em!!


I think they recommend you don't cos it could make you hungry - personally it's not effected me. Vx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
As you don't actually swallow the gum I think worrying about the carbs and calories is not a problem. You would have to eat absolutly bucket loads for it to add up to anything.:eek:
If you chew for a while to freshen breath it should be OK.........................the choice is down to the individual.

For some it can make them feel hungry, that's true. I speak only from my own experience, I find that it helps me through the day.
i am worried about bad breath too so my CDC suggested having a few chews of gum but not to keep it in for long beucase it affects diffrent people in diffrent ways and she said something about the body thinking that food was coming x
i chew trident pretty much continuously - without it i think i may not have got this far!


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I have chewed chewing gum endlessly for over 11 weeks of CD now - with no adverse effects!

It doesn't make me hungry at all either.

I started chewing because I couldn't stand my own bad breath, never mind anybody else!!

I chew for a good 8 hours per day and am just tickety-boo!

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