Chewing Gum


Afternoon All,

My friend has started CD today (I am currently on LL) she has asked whether she can have Chewing Gum on CD. I didnt know the answer so I thouhgt I would come to the fountain of knowledge and see if any of you lovely people knew the answer.

Thanks in advance

Love Kaz xxxx
no she cant :(

she can have those mouth freshner strips but not gum. i always find gum makes me hungry anyways. my tummy thinks its about to be fed cos of the chewing and when it dont, it complains!
i hope she does well on the plan and that u r doing well. xxx
now ive been told you can as long as its for no longerthan 3mins, i have been doing this so far and 4 days in and accoding to my scales 10 pound lost so far
Hi Mich, the general guidelines are that you shouldn't as it promotes hunger because it gets your gastric juices flowing and your stomach gets all prepared for food which of course doesn't arrive :) ,
however chewing sugarfree gum won't affect your diet adversely as far as putting on weight/coming out of ketosis etc so if you can chew it and not feel too hungry then I wouldn't worry too much about it.