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chewing gum


I will be skinny again!!!
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It has citric acid that will knock you out of ketosis


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yeh i bought sum then thort ill ask me chemist b4 i use it and when i rang they sed i couldnt have it :( lol
didnt no it was cos of citric acid tho they didnt tell me why ha ha


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Also apparantly the chewing builds up air in your stomach and makes u even hungrier!!! So stear clear, we dont need to make it any harder than it already is!!


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Chewing gum knocking you out of ketosis, unlilkely (never did for me or many other people i know who have been on this forum), but it does make you very hungry and so i wouldn't advise people to do it!

Just a bit of info for anyone who is interested..

Voluntary induced Ketosis,relies on something called the the Krebs cycle in the body completely collapsing. It has been known that people who consume too much citric acid may well re-activate the krebs cycle and thus have gluconeogenesis kick in, which will take you of of ketosis.
However, there isn't any hard evidence to show that just the presence of Citric Acid could interfere with ketosis, especially as many people in ketosis drink alot of diet soda, which contains citric acid, and these people haven't been kicked out of ketosis by it. The atkins diet for example, you can drink as much diet coke on that as you feel like and the diet still works by you being in a ketogenic state.

Lipotrim is a way of retraining your mind and body to food and so obviously they will always advise you to abstain from any food and drink in order to retrain yourself from a blank palette so to speak. They believe that a blank palette is experienced when nothing passes the lips other than what they tell you, which is obviously very true. The diet works!

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Thats very interesting info, Louizekj, thanks for that. Thats the reason I stopped chewing gum as it made me very hungry and made me windy too! I gave up drinking Diet Coke regularly a few years back and only have one very rarely now as they are full of acid, artificial flavourings and sweetners and are bad for your teeth as well as bad for losing weight as it still fools your brain into liking sweet stuff. I really try to only put healthy stuff into my body, too much of the healthy stuff tho! And bingeing on the family packs of sweets when I'm rebelling!!! I'm an all or nothing girl. You can't tell me it's o.k. to have one cholcolate biscuit...if I start I HAVE to finish the whole pack. I'm hoping LT will knock the sense into me.

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